4 Diamond Engagement Rings That Will Never Go Out of Style 

New jewelry and engagement trends pop up each several years with wedding industry marketers constantly looking to either find or create the latest fashion in diamond rings. But there are 3 styles that will surely never go out of style and remain fashionable through the ages. We explore these 3 timeless fashions at Apples of Gold:

Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

diamond halo engagement ringDiamond Halo Engagement Rings, such as this classic Diamond Circle Halo Engagement Ring from Apples of Gold have become extraordinarily popular over the last several years and that is not about to change any time soon. What makes this particular style of engagement ring so appealing is that not only can you showcase a large diamond solitaire as the center stone of your engagement ring, but by enhancing the look of the center-piece diamond with a symmetrical “halo” diamonds, you are enlarging the overall look of the main diamond. The diamond halo does not have to always be symmetrical either, as seen in this non-traditional Ethereal Diamond Halo Engagement Ring from Apples of Gold.

Three Stone Diamond Rings

Another timeless, yet trendy style, that is sure to never go out of style – at least for the foreseeable future – is the three stone diamond engagement ring, such as this floral-etched three stone diamond engagement ring featured on Apples of Gold.
Three-Stone Antique-Style Diamond Engagement Ring

The three stone diamond ring was originally designed by the De Beers jewelry company and became an instant classic (it didn’t hurt that De Beers also has millions of dollars of marketing expenditure available to make it so) – but not all the money in the world can make a ring as popular as the three stone ring if it was not going to be loved by most women and couples who purchased them. After all, why settle for one diamond in your ring when you can have three?

For many, three can also symbolically represent many things, such as the Holy Trinity to Christians or, as many saw it, their three stone diamond ring, as symbolizing the past, present, and future. By accenting the three stone engagement ring with side stones, such as the best-selling Three Stone Diamond Floret Engagement Ring from Apples of Gold, you could further add to the stylistic beauty and sophistication of the ring. To be sure, this is a style that is surely not to go out of style soon, if ever!

Antique-Style Diamond Engagement Rings

antique-style diamond engagement bridal wedding ring setAntique-style rings have captured the imagination and heart of many brides and their husbands because of their time-tested styles and historical significance. After all, in addition to being a reflection of your personal style, you want a wedding ring to contain as much intrinsic meaning as possible. Not only have rings from the past been tested by the hands of time, but they have endured to the present day for a reason: the artistic value they embody has withstood thousands of other styles that have come and gone. So, in many ways, to find rings that will last through the ages, it is a noteworthy idea – ironically and paradoxically – to look to what has already passed.

The embodiment of such a case can be laid out in Apples of Gold’s 1800s Antique-Style 1/2 Carat Diamond Engagement Bridal Wedding Ring Set which was, interestingly enough, created as an exact replica from an original 1800s jewelry piece that the manufacturer’s at Apples of Gold Providentially discovered one day without trying to! Now, they recreate the same exact piece using the same tools and antique original pieces available, rather than coming up with vintage engagement ring designs merely conceptually. The result is nothing short of authentic.

Princess-Cut Diamond Rings

1 carat antique-style diamond engagement ringMany more styles will come and go. Among other favorite styles are found in the cut of the diamond, rather than the design of the ring, such as the forever timeless square shape of the princess-cut diamond engagement ring. While round diamond engagement rings exhibit a traditional style and can be made unique with the flair of a ring’s design, a princess-cut diamond has no need for much flair. The cut of the stone itself speaks for itself.

This 1 carat antique-style three-stone princess-cut diamond engagement ring from Apples of Gold captures all multiple timeless styles in a single, artful engagement ring: it is fashioned in a floral paisley antique-style design and contains three diamonds as the center-piece of the ring. No wonder it is the best selling diamond engagement ring that Apples of Gold has to offer. This is one engagement ring few brides would be disappointed to receive!

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