Sterling Silver Bride: Affordable Silver Engagement Rings 

white topaz silver bridal engagement wedding ringSome jewelry enthusiasts have never liked or cared for gold, but prefer silver. So why start now, just because you are going to be a married? If you are a “sterling silver” bride, silver engagement rings are a noteworthy option for you!

Not only are silver engagement rings easier on the budget – by far – but they can make for quality pieces that will be sure to please any bride!

Here are three top picks that will bless any new bride, because these rings are made with the same quality craftsmanship as traditional engagement rings, but cast in sterling silver instead of gold.

Above left is the Antique-Style 1/3 Carat Diamond Bridal Wedding and Engagement Ring Set, made from original 1800s vintage jewelry and made as a brand new, contemporary piece today. This ring is also available with a white topaz as a diamond alternative also.

Next in the silver engagement rings collection for the bride is the three-stone princess-cut cubic zirconia engagement ring in sterling silver. If you prefer it with genuine diamonds instead of CZ stones, it is also available simply by asking, as each ring from Apples of Gold’s silver rings collection can be custom-made to your specifications.

This particular ring is a best-seller in 14k white gold, and so Apples of Gold decided to make it available in their silver wedding rings collection as well. Each stone, whether you choose CZ or diamonds, is hand-set by a professional stone-setter, the same way a traditional diamond ring would be, whereas many cheap silver rings in the jewelry market today are machine-cast, Apples of Gold takes the same amount of care and time as they do with their high-end gold and diamond engagement ring collections. In this regard, you are sure to receive the best quality silver engagement ring available.

There is nothing like a classic, traditional solitaire engagement ring, and this piece from Apples of Gold is simple, elegant, and to the point! A single genuine white topaz gemstone sits in the center of this quality .925 sterling silver solitaire engagement ring. The price is unbelievable for genuine materials, but we assure you, it is true. We wanted to create a piece that will be affordable to any bride and groom, who are looking for a classy look and do not want to let money get in the way of their happiness! Often we hear about the expense of weddings and marriages being put off for budgetary reasons. Now with this ring, there is no reason not to wed if you have made the commitment to one another before God!

Visit Apples of Gold’s silver rings collection for more ideas for your wedding day!


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