Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces: Affordable Statements of Faith for Every Taste! 

Large Sterling Silver Cross PendantTrue faith isn’t a cookie cutter experience—it’s personal! And, your expression of faith doesn’t have to be standard issue, either: Apples of Gold’s collection of sterling silver cross necklaces includes over 200 distinct designs, which means that you’re sure to find one that resonates with your sense of style as well as your personal faith journey.

Antiqued Scroll Cross Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver

Our collection of sterling silver cross necklaces includes styles for just about every taste, with looks for both men and women, and styles ranging from simple to elaborate. If you’re drawn to styles that are simple yet powerful, don’t miss the Large Sterling Silver Cross Pendant. At 2 1/8” high and 1″ wide, this pedant stands out, making it a statement of faith that’s unashamed. However, thanks to its uncomplicated, shining silhouette, it declares this message rather than screams for attention. A 17” chain is included.

If more elaborate styles are more your taste, try the Antiqued Scroll Cross Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver, a piece that’s adorned with a lively paisley-like motif. Within the borders of this 1 ½”-high cross is a filigree design that gives this necklace a look that’s both elegant and full of movement. An antiqued finish allows every detail of this feminine design to stand out.

Journey Cubic Zirconia Cross Necklace in Sterling SilverThe Journey Cubic Zirconia Cross Necklace in Sterling Silver provides a creative twist on a popular style to create an eye-catching piece that serves as a symbol of a growing relationship with Christ. The gracefully curving vertical beam of this cross is comprised of seven glittering cubic zirconias that grow gradually larger from top to bottom, creating a picture of your lifelong walk with your savior: just as true faith grows ever deeper and stronger, the sparkling stones that make this pendant instantly eye-catching serve as a vivid and beautiful picture of the way that your love for Christ and your trust in Him only multiply as the years go by. A horizontal beam of polished sterling silver provides the perfect complement to this glimmering piece, while the included 18” sterling silver chain makes this piece ready to wear or to give.

The Rugged Cross Pendant in Sterling SilverApples of Gold’s collection of sterling silver cross necklaces also contains a number of pieces that provide vivid reminders of Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf. For example, the Rugged Cross Pendant in Sterling Silver has a wood-finish texture that immediately calls to mind the wooden beams to which Christ allowed Himself to be nailed so that He could take the punishment that we deserved. At just over 7/8” high, this piece is incredibly wearable, and the 24” sterling silver curb chain that’s included will allow you to slip it around your neck the moment you receive it.

Crafted from the highest quality of silver used in jewelry (known as .925 sterling silver), these sterling silver cross necklaces are excellent picks for any day. And, with a wealth of options to choose from, you can find a statement of both your personal faith and your individual taste.

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