Illusion-Set Diamond Engagement Bridal Wedding Ring Sets 

illusion set halo diamond wedding bridal engagement ringAn “illusion-set” or “illusion-setting” engagement ring is a diamond ring with a cluster of smaller to medium sized diamonds set together as the center stone in order to create the impression of a larger diamond center. The diamonds will be set together to look much like a solitaire diamond center, but are actually a collection of diamonds set close to one another in a round or a princess-cut shape (depending on the shape or design of the piece).

The purpose of creating a diamond ring using a cluster of stones rather than one large center stone is to help keep costs down in order to get high quality diamonds with a big centerpiece look.

1/2 carat illusion-set bridal wedding engagement ring setApples of Gold does a masterful job of creating an Illusion-Set engagement bridal ring with their 1.35 Carat Halo Illusion-Set Diamond Bridal Ring set in 14k white gold. There is a slender double band in the engagement ring followed by a single diamond band for a triple ensemble joined together to create a ravishing bridal wedding ring set. Not only is this an illusion-set ring but crafted in the very popular halo ring style, where a cluster of white stones wrap themselves in a circle around the center piece.

Another bridal ring set from Apples of Gold, the 1/2 Carat Illusion-Setting Diamond Bridal Wedding Ring, takes on a more traditional engagement bridal set design but with the illusion-setting center-stone to make a stunningly affordable wedding ring with classic round-shaped stones.

The wonderful thing about illusion-setting rings is that you get a lot more in terms of the appearance of size vs. cost. A similar ring with a single solitaire in the center would easily cost 2-3 times as much, depending on the full carat weight.

modern wave illusion set bridal wedding ringApples of Gold showcases a third bridal wedding ring with a modern appeal in their illusion-setting engagement collection, the Modern Wave Diamond Bridal Ring Set in 14K White Gold. This fabulously contemporary ring is set with 0.61 carats of white diamonds while attracting irresistible attraction and alluring appeal. The ring is artful and meaningful: the perfect shape of the circle must sometimes bend to accommodate the positive challenges of the marriage relationship: you must be flexible to one another’s will, care, and love to sustain a healthy, long-lasting marriage that is meant to last a lifetime.

Apples of Gold’s illusion-set diamond bridal rings are a wonderful choice for the new, lovely bride in your life!



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