Luxury Pearl Jewelry 

golden pearl ringPearl Gemstones

A pearl is a unique stone that is produced within the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusk. Pearls are comprised of calcium carbonate – the same thing the mollusk shells are made of. The ideal pearl is perfectly round and smooth with an even light color. Pearls have long been valued as a great gemstone and are a symbol of wealth, status, and prosperity.  White Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings and other fine jewelry items are very common in most jewelry shops. The value for pearl jewelry is determined by luster, color, size, surface textures, and symmetry. When all factors being equal in terms of their power, the larger the pearl, the more valuable it is. Large, perfectly round pearls are rare and highly valued. There are several varieties of pearls available including gold, which makes stunning pendants like these gold and diamond necklace pendants.

black pearl and diamondsShapes

Pearls come in eight basic shapes: round, semi-round, button, drop, pear, oval, baroque, and circled. Perfectly round pearls are the rarest and most valuable shape. Oval or semi-round pearls are great for rings, earrings, and other jewelry pieces. Drop and pear shaped pearls are used in necklaces and ear rings and are often called pendant or tear drop pearls. Baroque pearls have a different appeal; they are often highly irregular with unique and interesting shapes. Circular flat pearls are commonly known as button pearls and make great ring pieces or central pendants for necklaces.


While white and black pearls are the most popular and valuable colors, many other hues can be found- especially in salt water pearls. Pink, blue, champagne, green, gold, and even purple saltwater pearls can be found but they are extremely rate. These colors are often used in rings or necklaces as solitary stones because to find enough pearls of the same color and quality to make a pearl strand necklace or bracelet could take years and cost thousands by the time it is made. But to find stunning luxury white pearl stud earring and other fine jewelry is super simple!


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