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Periodt RingsPeridot Gemstone
The origin of this stunning gemstone’s name, peridot, is uncertain. The Oxford English Dictionary makes mention of an Anglo–Norman word for a kind of opal, and some also point to the Arabic meaning “gem”. Peridot is a stunning stone and it also very unique in that it is one of only a select few gemstones that occur in only one color- olive green. The intensity and tint of the green varied depending on the concentration of minerals and other elements in the stone. Therefore, these gems can vary from yellow–to olive–to brownish-green. The most valued color is a dark olive-green but the paler colors are also very stunning and valuable. You can find many fine pieces of jewelry made from this gemstone such as Peridot Stud Earrings in Platinum or other fine metals.

Origins of Periodt
Olivine, of which peridot is a type, is commonly found in old molten rocks, and can also be found in lavas, old flows, and in the mantle. The minerals are created with the heat and mixing of minerals in the lava and it is then carried to the surface. The highest quality stones are rare and are not common even in large deposits in lava flows. Peridot can be also found in meteorites but this too is rare, which makes this a very rare and coveted stone. A famous Pallasite meteor piece was up for bid at an auction in April 2008 and had an asking price of around $3 million, but remained unsold. Peridot olivine is mined in  Egypt,  Arkansas,  Arizona ,  Hawaii,  Nevada, and New Mexico  in the US; and in  Australia,  Brazil,  China,  Kenya,  Mexico,  Myanmar, Norway, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania.

Vintage Peridot RingPeridot Jewelry
This gemstone is sometimes mistaken for emeralds and similar colored stones, especially when the peridot is of dark green huge. Peridot makes fine jewelry that can match the quality and luster of other fine gemstone jewelry pieces. Many ancient references to emeralds are thought to possibly have been miss identification of the peridot stones. These gemstones can be tiny shards or large chucks of glimmering crystal stone. The largest cut peridot olivine is a 310 carat specimen that is currently being held on display in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. Peridot is a beloved stone in society and it is commonly seen as the August birthstone. If you are looking for breath taking peridot solitaire ring or other stunning piece of fine jewelry, they are available today!

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