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Pink Topaz- Fine Luxury Women’s Jewelry

Pink Topaz RingColor and Sizes

Topaz exists in a number of colors and sizes, and they are commonly found in small shards and stones to large blocks. One such legendary gemstone is known as The Topaz of Aurangzeb, which was thought to have been over 157 carats. The American Golden Topaz broke all records with a staggering weight of almost 23,000 carats! Other Topaz stones that are commonly seen in fine luxury jewelry are in the rage of 1-3 carats or less. Topaz is very popular in women’s jewelry such as engraved hearts pink topaz rings and pink topaz earring sets.

Women's Pink Topaz RingTopaz in Today’s Market

In the jewelry market today, Pink Topaz rings and pendants are some of the most common gemstones used in fine luxury jewelry. Most pink topaz stones starts off as a naturally clear stone that gets the coloring from other minerals and elements that gets mixed into the crystal as it forms.  Topaz makes for stunning pieces of luxury jewelry that make great pieces for engagement rings, anniversary pieces, and other fine jewelry.

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