London Blue Topaz Gemstone Jewelry Pieces 

London Blue Topaz Luxury Ring


Blue topaz , the state of Texas’ official gemstone, is the name given to several different shades of  topaz gemstone that can vary from pale blue to a deep midnight blue. Naturally occurring blue topaz is quite rare as it is usually a colorless stone or a pale grey or brown in color. London Blue Topaz is the name the jewelry market gives to the deepest blue shade for topaz. These stones are highly coveted for luxury London Blue Topaz rings and pieces like the London Blue Topaz and Diamond Art Deco Rings.


Color and Sizes
Topaz can be in a variety of colors and sizes, from small shards to large blocks. The Topaz of Aurangzeb, the legendary gemstone, is rumored to have measured in at more than 157 carats. The American Golden Topaz, another record breaking gemstone, broke all records with a staggering weight of almost 23,000 carats!


London Blue Topaz and Diamond RingTopaz in Today’s Market
In the jewelry market today, London Blue Topaz rings and pendants are among the best selling gemstones. These stones are commonly used in a variety of luxury topaz jewelry.  Most blue topaz starts off as a naturally clear stone that is colored blue through special heat and chemical treatments. London Blue stones are the most valuable because they have the deepest color and often requires the least amount of treatment to get the coloration.  London  Blue Topaz makes for stunning pieces of luxury jewelry like the Emerald Cut London Blue Topaz Ring and Earring Set.

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