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The mineral that has come to be known as moissanite was first  discovered by Henri Moissan during an excavation trip where he was examining rock samples that had been taken out of a meteor crater in Canyon Diablo, Arizona. This was in 1893 and it was the first known time that moissanite had been seen by humans. At first, the crystals were mistaken as diamonds, but in 1904 Henri realized the misnomer and eventually identified his discovery as silicon carbide. It was given the name moissanite in honor of its discoverer after his death.

Discovery of Moissanite

Up til the mid 1950s there was no other known source, other than meteorites, for the mining of moissanite crystals in their natural form. The compound was found as part of a mix of mineral deposits in a diamond mine in Yakutia  and in Wyoming in the mid 1950’s. The existence of moissanite as a naturally occurring element has long been questions and even as recently as 1986, Charles Milton, an American geologist, wondered if moissanite was simply still a misnomer of an already existing element. Moissanite, in its natural form, is very rare and is not found in very large quantities. It is a brilliant gemstone and has a clear coloration but as with most materials,the larger the gem the more coloration there is. All moissanite will have some color saturation which gives them a stunning brilliance in moissanite solitaire rings and other luxury pieces.

Art Deco Moissanite RingMoissanite  Jewelry

Moissanite was introduced to the jewelry market in 1998 as a high quality diamond supplement. When it is cut and shaped by master gemstone cutters, moissanite has much more fire, brilliance, and luster, which puts it on par with that of the diamond. Another great perk that has put it high on list of gemstones for jewelry is that it is available at a fraction of the cost you could be expected to pay for diamond. Moissanite is a strong mineral so it is easy to shape and cut and can be found in round, oval,  radiant, heart shape, triangle,  princess cut, and many more!

When you compare it carat for carat, no gem has the ability to add stunning elegance and beauty to your life for a price that will not break the budget. Do not sacrifice style and luxury for cost and get the moissanite rings and necklaces you want!

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