Green Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry 

Green Amethyst RingPrasiolite is the technical name given to green-quartz or vermarine which is also commonly known as green amethyst. This form of amethyst is one type of colored crystal quartz that has a very unique green hue. Since 1950, most of the green amethyst that is used comes from a single small Brazilian mine. Some natural deposits have been found in Poland and several areas in Canada. These gemstones are commonly used in fine jewelry pieces such as green amethyst and diamond jewelry.

Heart Cut Green Amethyst EarringsGemstone Facts
Green amethyst is a very precious and rare stone and most gemstones are used in fine jewelry pieces. To get the green color, most of the quartz  that is mined is treated with a special head and chemical treatment in order to get the colors. Most amethyst will turn yellow or orange with the treatment but some will create the coveted green amethyst when treated. Currently the majority of the green amethyst jewelry that is on the market was created with some form of heat or chemical treatment.

History of Green Amethyst
The name  of this material is derived from Greek words meaning “leek” and “stone.” The literal translation for this gemstones name is “scallion green-colored stone, ” which is a reference to its green coloration. Many amazing rings and necklaces can be made from these stones, and the hardness of the amethyst allows intricate shapes and designed to be created and sued in jewelry such as green amethyst art deco rings. 

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