Pink Topaz Solitaire Rings: Three Ways to Wear a Single Pink Stone 

05-23-2013 Tension-Set Pink Topaz Ring in 14K White GoldWhen a gemstone is as bright and bold as pink topaz, it doesn’t need extra adornment to make a statement. Gemstone solitaire rings that feature this striking stone provide solid proof of this fact, and the there’s far more than just one way to wear a sophisticated pink topaz solitaire.

Audrey Hepburn, a lady known for her poise and impeccable taste, was a fan of pink. In her own words,

“I believe in pink … I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”

Pink Topaz Modern Solitaire RingThis much-loved movie star was spot-on when she associated beauty with happiness—after all, a smile elevates anyone’s appearance. And, it’s not surprising that she mentioned pink shortly before talking about this connection: few colors have the ability to solicit a smile quite like this feminine hue. This makes pink topaz rings excellent ways to not only bring on a grin, but to light up your entire face as a result.

Any solitaire ring takes on a bold yet feminine personality when it’s set with a stone as daring and strikingly beautiful as pink topaz, and the Pink Topaz Modern Solitaire Ring is a gorgeous example. While, at first glance, this style might look like an ordinary solitaire with a bright stone, the contemporary setting of this ring provides a fresh spin that becomes evident when you take a closer look. This updated single-stone ring features an eye-catching 6.5mm round pink topaz that’s held by a subtly-updated setting. In place of the expected four prongs are four pairs of prongs that secure this gem to a simple band of shining 14K white gold.

Pink Topaz and Diamond Accent Solitaire Engagement RingPink topaz solitaires can serve as stunning gemstone engagement rings as their bright color represents a love that’s bold and unashamed. The Pink Topaz and Diamond Accent Solitaire Engagement Ring places a brightly-colored gem in the center of a shining blossom to form a striking representation of a love that’s always vibrant. A round 6mm pink topaz is the centerpiece of this stunning solitaire ring as it’s held by an elegant, feminine setting that’s inspired by an open flower. Four 14K white gold petals cradle this brilliant gem, holding it above a gleaming band. Each of these petals is accented with diamonds and milgrain edges, giving this piece an extra measure of glamour.

Tension Set Pink Topaz Solitaire RingIf you’d prefer a modern minimalistic take on the pink topaz style, don’t miss the Tension Set Pink Topaz Solitaire Ring. This twist on a classic look features a 6.5mm round pink topaz that’s hugged by a unique tension setting that seems to suspend it in midair. Two arms of 14K white gold emerge from the shining band to embrace this gem on the top and bottom in contemporary fashion.

Pink topaz rings that showcase a single stone are undeniably eye-catching. Try one of these rings for a simple look with major impact.

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