White Gold Heart Rings: Keeping a Loving Reminder Close at Hand 

May 24, 2013 | By More

05-24-2013 Engraved Heart Diamond RingWhether you’re declaring your love for the first time, popping the question or telling your lifelong sweetheart that she still gives you butterflies in your stomach, there’s a white gold heart ring that’s perfect for the occasion. Aristotle once said that “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” Coming from the philosopher who also said that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” this is particularly meaningful. When two hearts are joined as one, the whole is truly greater than either one could be alone.Dual Heart Diamond Ring, 10K White Gold

The Dual Heart Diamond Ring in 10K White Gold is a sweet, shining symbol of two hearts that are intertwined. Two shining hearts, each of which is studded by a tiny diamond, interlock to create a classy picture of your connection with that one special someone. The gleaming band from which these hearts emerge narrows toward the back for a comfortable fit, while the cool 10K gold from which this ring is crafted makes it an affordable and beautiful expression of your love.

0.50 Carat Engraved Heart Wedding Ring Set in 14K White GoldWhite gold engagement rings that feature hearts are unmistakable ways to declare your true feelings when you’re popping the question, and for every day after she says “yes.” The 1/2 Carat Engraved Hearts Diamond Engagement Ring is a meticulously-crafted option, combining a stunning, sparkling gem with an intricately-carved design that’s both sweet and sophisticated. A half-carat round diamond glitters as the focal point of this engagement ring; it’s held by a four-prong setting to a band that’s laden with symbols of love. A row of tiny hearts adorns the outer surface of this 14K white gold band, pointing upward toward the diamond, while whimsical carved swirls accent the sides. These designs are offset by elegant milgrain edges that frame these motifs with class. This striking and feminine ring is also available with a matching wedding band as part of a bridal jewelry set (the 0.50 Carat Engraved Heart Wedding Ring Set in 14K White Gold), as well as with your choice of a rainbow of gemstones.

7 Stone Diamond Heart Ring in 14K White GoldNo matter what stage your relationship is in, the 7 Stone Diamond Heart Ring in 14K White Gold is an excellent way to tell the one you adore that she makes your heart glow. This elegant ring provides a shining, versatile reminder of affection that’s perfect for any day. A heart, approximately a half-inch high, is drawn on the wearer’s finger with 14K white gold and accented with seven round diamonds that call to mind the fact that your love fills your heart with light. A simple, gleaming band holds this emblem of love. If you’d like to give a coordinated set of heart jewelry that speaks of your all-encompassing love, try pairing this graceful ring with a matching pendant: the 7 Stone Diamond Heart Pendant in 14K White Gold.

For revealing your true feelings, proposing to your one and only or celebrating the love that has captured your heart for decades, there’s a gorgeous heart ring. Try one of these pieces to celebrate your love, whether your relationship is young or old.


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