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Jewelry Sale: 10 Percent Off Until Memorial Day!

Jewelry sale alert! Until Memorial Day, every piece sold by Apple of Gold can be yours at 10 percent off when you use the code “DONTTREADONME” when you check out. Not only will this code allow you to purchase any of Apples of Gold’s jewelry at a 10 percent discount; it also entitles you to free shipping! That means that this weekend is the perfect time to pick up a piece of patriotic jewelry that expresses your love for your country—or any other piece that catches your eye.

American Flag Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold

So, what does “Don’t tread on me” mean, other than a 10 percent discount on jewelry this Memorial Day weekend? This motto is often paired with the image of a rattlesnake, an image that has been an American emblem for over 250 years! In the 1750s, Benjamin Franklin’s “Pennsylvania Gazette” printed a picture of such as snake divided into pieces, each of which bore the name of one of the colonies, to symbolize the perils of disunity, pairing it with the saying “Join or Die.” By the time of the War for Independence, the snake, like the colonies, had become united.

The rattlesnake seemed to be a fitting symbol for America for several reasons. First, although each of its rattles can make no sound on its own, together they produce a noise that warns all who approach. Second, the rattlesnake’s sharp eyes allow it to serve as an emblem of vigilance. Third, the rattlesnake is found only in America, and fourth, stepping on a rattlesnake (as referred to by the motto “Don’t tread on me”) is dangerous, and even deadly.

American Flag Ribbon Pendant in Sterling SilverIt’s believed that the rattlesnake was first paired with “Don’t tread on me” by the some of the Marines when they were enlisted to join the Navy on their first mission. They carried drums that had been painted yellow and that bore the image of image of a rattlesnake ready to strike, as well as the now-famous motto. To this day, this saying communicates strength in unity.

American flag jewelry is also an excellent way to celebrate strength in unity: the 13 stripes it displays stand for the original 13 colonies while each star represents a present-day state. For instance, the American Flag Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold depicts Old Glory in all its glory, using red and blue enamel on a foundation of shining 14K yellow gold.

14K White Gold Eagle PendantIf you’re looking for an American flag pendant with a twist, consider the American Flag Ribbon Pendant in Sterling Silver. This ribbon-shaped piece displays the stars and stripes on the front, while the words “Remember Always” are engraved into the back. Or, if you’d like to show your love for the U.S.A., but a flag pendant isn’t quite your style, try a piece of eagle jewelry, such as the 14K White Gold Eagle Pendant.

Whether you choose one of these patriotic pieces or any other piece that suits your sense of style, don’t forget to take advantage of Apples of Gold’s Memorial Day weekend sale!

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