Cross Rings to Remind You to Pray for Tornado-affected Families 

Women's Diamond Cross RingOur thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Oklahoma in the aftermath of Monday’s deadly tornado. When disaster strikes, we’re often compelled to pray for all those who have been affected; many times, however, we quickly forget to lift up those who are hurting in prayer. A wearable symbol of faith, such as a cross ring, can serve as a continual reminder to keep praying for those who are mourning the loss of loved ones and trying to rebuild their lives.

A cross ring that’s accented with diamonds is sure to catch your eye, allowing it to call to mind your commitment to pray for those in Oklahoma. For instance, the Women’s Diamond Cross Ring wraps a femininely-styled cross around the wearer’s finger and accents it with five small round diamonds that allow it to reflect light and draw your attention. This cross sits simply on a slender band of 14K white gold, and is a fitting accent for any day.

Cross and Heart Tanzanite and Diamond Ring, 14K White GoldApples of Gold’s collection of cross rings for women also contains styles that are adorned with a number of colorful, eye-catching gemstones, and the Cross and Heart Tanzanite and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold is a lovely example. A quarter carat oval-shaped tanzanite, 5mm high, sparkles from the center of the cross that adorns this piece; this unique gemstone glimmers with an intriguing purplish-blue hue that gently draws attention to this ring’s symbol of faith. Two hearts are integrated into the graceful cross that holds this stone, as are six accent diamonds. If you prefer a more traditional stone, this style is also available with a sapphire or a ruby in place of the tanzanite.

Diamond Cross Ring - 14K White GoldWearable reminders to pray aren’t only for women and Apples of Gold carries a range of cross rings for men that serve as symbols of your Savior. For instance, the Diamond Cross Ring in 14K White Gold is a distinctly masculine emblem of faith. Six diamonds form a simple cross that adorns the top of this signet-like ring. This bold shining piece narrows toward the back to give it a more comfortable fit, making it a fitting way to call to mind the need to pray on a daily basis. This classy piece is also available in 14K yellow gold or sterling silver, as well as with white topaz in place of diamonds.

Titanium Maltese Cross RingIf you’d prefer a cool, cotemporary reminder to pray, try a titanium cross ring, such as the Titanium Maltese Cross Ring. Black Maltese crosses are carved into this sleek style, creating a modern expression of faith. This classy ring is available in your choice of a matte, polished or satin finish, as well as your pick of widths, from 7mm to 10mm.

No matter what style best suits your fashion sense, a cross ring can serve as a classy and effective reminder to keep the people of Oklahoma in prayer. Every time you look at it, you’ll be reminded that, no matter where you are, you can bring their need before God.

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