Christian Jewelry to Prompt You to Pray 

Christian jewelry of many kinds can serve as a reminder to turn to God with our needs and burdens, as well as to bring the needs of others before Him. Today is a day when many of us will undoubtedly be praying for people we’ve never met as they face unthinkable tragedy. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the all of the families of Sandy Hook, Connecticut as they mourn incredible loss.

In times of tragedy, we often feel powerless. However, there is one thing that we can always do, and it’s the most powerful thing we can do: pray.

14K Gold Cross Anchor & Heart Triple PendantChristian rings and pendants can remind us to continually turn to God in prayer, and serve as pictures of the truths to which we cling. The 14K Gold Cross Anchor and Heart Triple Pendant combines three meaningful symbols into one shining piece, providing a picture of the faith, hope and love that carries us through. An anchor dangles from this pendant, representing the faith that grounds us in the face of suffering. A simple cross that hangs in the forefront is a symbol of the hope that we’ve been given because of Christ’s sacrifice, while a polished heart represents the love that was demonstrated on cross, and in our lives. While this is a petite pendant with a playful appearance, the message it conveys is serious and strong.

Christian Dove Holy Spirit Pendant in 14K White GoldPeace is hard to come by in times of grief and fear, and it’s in times like these that we need to remind ourselves that we are never alone. We’re told that God will never leave us or forsake us, and dove jewelry can help us remember that He is present, even in the face of suffering. These pieces use the image of a dove, which has long been associated with the Holy Spirit, to serve as symbols that He is with us, and that the peace He gives will never run out.

The Christian Dove Holy Spirit Pendant in 14K White Gold is a simple but powerful reminder of the Holy Spirit’s constant presence in our lives and of His ability to give us peace. This piece features a gleaming outline of a dove in flight for a look that’s light but substantial. The contemporary, versatile look of this pendant makes it an ideal accent no matter what you’re wearing.

Holy Spirit Dove Diamond Ring in 14K Rose GoldIf you’d rather keep a reminder of the Holy Spirit’s presence close at hand, try the Holy Spirit Dove Diamond Ring in 14K Rose Gold. This glowing ring adorns a silhouette of a dove with a single diamond, adding sparkle that will catch your eye and turn your mind to the symbolism behind this contemporary style. The gleam of rose gold adds a warm touch, but if you prefer, this design is also available in white gold and yellow gold.

The Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Thessalonica, “Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace always in every way.” Similarly, as we remember the families of Sandy Hook in prayer, we ask God to give peace and healing to each one.


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