Aquamarine Engagement Rings for the One Who Refreshes Your Heart 

05-21-2013 Princess-Cut Aquamarine & Diamond RingFew gems are as fresh as the aquamarine. This semiprecious gemstone has a light blue hue that calls to mind the clearest sea, and a sparkle that resembles the glitter of the sunlight on the water. Just as the ocean can be simultaneously refreshing and soothing, the aquamarine provides a cool accent to your look that both wakes it up and provides a mellow touch of colorful glimmer. This unique beauty allows this gemstone to gorgeously represent love that both refreshes and soothes you, and aquamarine engagement rings use this gem to do just that.

Engraved Hearts Aquamarine RingThe Engraved Hearts Aquamarine Ring in 14K white gold leaves no question about the love that’s in your heart. This sweetly-styled piece takes the classic solitaire and gives it a heartfelt update. A 6.5mm aquamarine is the star of this ring; it’s held by four prongs to a unique 14K white gold band that’s been meticulously carved with symbols of your affection. Tiny hearts and swirls adorn three sides of this band, offset with delicate beaded edges for an extra dose of class.

Vintage Style Aquamarine and Diamond Ring, 14K White GoldAquamarine and diamond rings use the gentle contrast between blue glimmer and colorless sparkle to create eye-catching styles, and they’re lovely picks for the woman who has captured your heart. For instance, the Vintage Style Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold is a particularly striking take on this gemstone combination. A 5mm round aquamarine is paired with over 60 diamonds to give create a look that instantly mesmerizes as it brings the glamour of times past to life. A 5mm round aquamarine glitters from the center of this glamorous ring, adding a cool burst of light blue. This gem is accompanied by accent diamonds of varying sizes that form a lavish vintage design as they’re hemmed in by delicate beaded edges on the shining 14K white gold band. This ring is truly fit for a princess—or for any woman who’s the queen of your heart.

Princess Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Ring, 14K White GoldIf you’d prefer a modern classic style when popping the question, consider the Princess Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold. This stunning ring puts an alluring princess-cut aquamarine, weighing in at a full two carats, on display as it rises elegantly in a four-prong setting. This sparkling light blue gem presides over eight round channel-set diamonds that add sparkle to the gleaming 14K white gold band. Petite beaded edges frame these diamonds with understated, timeless elegance. If you’d rather give this ring in an even more precious metal, it’s also available in 18K white gold. Or, if you’re prefer a budget-friendly version, Apples of Gold’s collection of silver aquamarine rings includes this same style, crafted in top-quality .925 sterling silver.

For a love that’s true blue and that refreshes your heart day after day, it’s hard to beat an aquamarine engagement ring. An engagement ring that features aquamarine is a stunning and meaningful pick, and its fresh sparkle is sure to sweep the one you love off her feet.

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