Aquamarine Rings: As Beautiful as a Winter Sky 

Although aquamarine is the birthstone for March, it’s a lovely choice for the Christmas season. As the darkest time of the year approaches, aquamarine rings provide a welcome burst of color and sparkle, as well as a reminder that, in time, spring will come. If you’re still looking for the perfect present for that special someone, don’t miss these stunning pieces!

The word “aquamarine” comes from two Latin words that mean “water” and “sea,” and it’s not hard to see how it gained this moniker. Its blue hue brings to mind calm, crystal-clear waters, providing a mini-escape no matter how far you are from such a soothing scene. This stone is able to mesmerize with just a glance of its indigo charm.

The combination of aquamarine and diamonds provides subtle contrast, making a sophisticated statement without clamoring for attention. Like the brilliance of a clear sky reflecting off of undisturbed snow, this pairing of vibrant indigo and colorless glimmer is both calming and invigorating, as seen in aquamarine and diamond rings.

Although aquamarine has a relatively gentle hue, it can still make a big impact through its lively sparkle. If you’d really like to make a statement, consider the 2.70 Carat Aquamarine and 0.28 Carat Diamond Ring. This eye-catching piece features a sizeable aquamarine, a full centimeter high, accented by over a quarter carat of round diamonds. These diamonds surround the center stone like a frame around an exquisite painting and stud the band to create a lavish look. This is a ring with drama and sophistication.

Princess Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Ring, 14K White Gold

Or, consider  the 1/3 Carat Diamond and Aquamarine Ring in 14K White Gold, which puts a glittering cushion-cut aquamarine, 8mm square, in the spotlight. This glamorous ring is accented by a total of 34 round diamonds that accent the band and form a dazzling border around the center stone. It’s a piece that drips with class, with a design that will never go out of style.

The soft, vibrant sparkle of aquamarine would fit perfectly in any fairytale, as demonstrated by the regal Princess Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold. A glimmering 2 carat aquamarine, fit for a queen, is the star of this striking ring, sitting like a crown and ruling the design. Eight round, channel-set diamonds accent the gleaming 14K white gold band, adding sparkle and giving this style an extra touch of class.

The philosopher Pliny said that aquamarine “has charms not to be denied,” and it’s hard to argue. For thousands of years cultures around the world, from the Sumerians to the Egyptians to the Romans, all recognized that this gem is something special. Aquamarine flatters nearly any skin tone, and its color is perpetually refreshing and strikingly beautiful. It’s also a relatively hard stone, making it a durable choice that can be passed from one generation to the next.

For a Christmas gift that will bring vibrancy in the darkest days of winter and all year long, don’t miss aquamarine rings! These gentle but striking looks provide a touch of spring under the tree.

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