Tension Set Rings: No Prongs, No Problem! 

May 20, 2013 | By More

05-20-2-13 Tension-Set Rings in 14K White GoldThe tension setting is unique—it actually makes gemstones seem to float in midair! From colorful pieces for your right hand to half carat diamond rings, this setting is making a splash for its matchless modern look.

While a tension setting may seem like a precarious way to hold a precious gem, it’s actually quite secure. Despite its name, this setting actually uses compression—not tension—to hold a stone in place in tiny groves that are cut into the band. Due to the high level of pressure that’s exerted on a stone to keep it firmly in place, the tension setting is only suited for gemstones that are quite hard, such as sapphires, rubies and, of course, diamonds.

Personalized Tension-Set Gemstone Birthstone RingThe tension setting is a relatively new: it was invented by Friedrich Becker at Niessing, a German jewelry company, in the 1960s. However, it wasn’t until approximately two decades later that it began to be used in jewelry—and it’s been gaining fans ever since! Tension settings allow more of the gem to be put on display than other settings, such as a prong setting (in which a gem is held by prongs) or a channel-setting (in which a gem in set in a groove, or channel). And, since a tension setting leaves a stone bare on the bottom, it allows the maximum amount of light to pass through that stone, making it seem even more brilliant.

Blue Titanium Sapphire Wedding Band RingThe Personalized Tension-Set Gemstone Birthstone Ring is a striking example of the tension setting. A 3mm (0.10 carat) round birthstone of your choice is squeezed by the simple,
shining 14K white gold band of this personalized piece, making it a modern way to remember someone you love or to celebrate your own birthday. Each side of this contemporary piece can be engraved with up to eight characters, allowing you to customize it with a name and a date.

Tension settings are an excellent way to add a unique look to wedding jewelry and they’re ideal for celebrating a love that makes you feel as though your heart is floating in midair. The Blue Titanium Sapphire Wedding Band Ring is a striking example of how a tension-set gem can make a wedding band extraordinary. A tension-set 3.5mm round sapphire seems to float as it’s held by a sleek 6mm-wide titanium band. A stripe of blue wraps around this ring, adding to its modern, colorful appeal, while the titanium that surrounds it has been polished to a nearly mirror-like shine. It’s a truly exquisite blue titanium wedding band.

1/2 Carat Tension Set Diamond Engagement RingThe tension setting is also an excellent pick when popping the question, as demonstrated by the 1/2 Carat Tension Set Diamond Engagement Ring. This contemporary take on the classic diamond solitaire hugs a half-carat round diamond with two arms of 14K white gold that emerge from a simple, shining band.

A tension setting is a head-turning option, whether you’re looking for a piece to express your love or your fashion sense. This modern pick seems to elevate your look, no matter how you wear it.

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