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The freshness of spring sunlight after a rain shower, the porcelain blue of a delphinium’s petals, the silvery luminescence of icicles in the starlight—a pure aquamarine gem set in silver calls forth romantic ideas. Throughout history, the aquamarine has been given as an emblem of love. A silver aquamarine ring was the traditional bride’s gift in Ancient Rome and aquamarines were a token of enduring affection for married couples in the Middle Ages. Pairing the scintillation of a diamond with the unique touch of color, aquamarine makes an ideal engagement ring. Read more.

Aquamarine is the customary birthstone for March and makes a sweet birthday gift for a young lady born in that month. This versatile stone is always fashionable and can be worn beautifully to add a touch of color to a white cotton sundress or, in a simple setting it brings sophistication to a black or gray business suit. A silver aquamarine ring is stunning whether set in timeless Victorian filigree or a sleek, minimalist band. The ethereal blue aquamarine was the most widely available beryl stone during Biblical times and is thought by historians to be the beryl described as the eight stone of New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelations, giving a silver aquamarine ring a significance of meaning for a Christian girl or woman.

Whether the aquamarine reminds the wearer of her beloved’s blue eyes or the day they first walked along the edge of the ocean together, this gem’s distinctive beauty is light and translucent. Its very name calls forth the clarity and romanticism of the sea, the cool lap of saltwater on bare feet and the salty tang of the ocean breeze, the incandescent Tiepolo blue of the summer sky. Choose a lovely silver aquamarine ring as charming and fanciful as the heart you wish to delight with such a gift.

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