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Apples of Gold’s New Jewelry Affiliate Program: Get Extra Income and a Better Website!

Looking for a way to get a little extra income while increasing the value of your blog, website or social network? Consider Apples of Gold’s jewelry affiliate program!

Apples of Gold just launched a new jewelry affiliate program at Commission Junction.  This marks our third affiliate network, as it joins our two existing networks at Pepperjam and Shareasale.

So, how does it work? In a nutshell, the jewelry affiliate program allows you to earn a commission on sales that are generated from your website, blog or social network. We provide the logos, banners and text links you will need to direct visitors to your site to Apples of Gold, and you place them on your site. Every time someone heads to Apples of Gold from your site and makes a purchase, you make money!

Why choose Apple’s Gold’s jewelry affiliate program? First, you could earn an attractive commission! Non-coupon sites can start earning a 7 percent commission, and those that give Apples of Gold top placement and that work with us personally can quality for a higher rate. (Contact us once you’ve signed up to discuss our VIP program!)

Coupon sites can start by earning a 2 to 3 percent commission, but can earn more (5 to 10 percent) by giving Apples of Gold top placement in the jewelry category or on the homepage. Once you’ve signed up, email us at [email protected] to talk about these VIP rates, and learn how you could increase your income.

The average sale is $500, which means that your earnings can add up in short order! You could earn just as much from just a few orders through Apples of Gold’s jewelry affiliate program as you would over the course of several months through many other affiliate programs.

Second, Apples of Gold takes care of the transactions—processing orders, shipping products, billing customers and handling all aspects of customer service—making this program a hassle-free opportunity. They also provide detailed online reports that allow you to see the sales that originate from your site. You can track traffic from your site and view your sales at any time.

Third, the affiliate program can help you add value to your website or blog by linking it with a reputable company that offers high-quality products. With over 5,000 wedding bands, engagement rings, gold jewelry, gemstone rings and a host of other pieces, Apples of Gold carries pieces for all occasions. Priced at an average of 40 percent below standard retail, the pieces in Apples of Gold’s collection offer incredible value. Apples of Gold also ships every order for free, has a generous 45-day return policy and provides unmatched customer service.

We love to work with our affiliates personally, and create custom banners and exclusive coupons to help them drive sales. Those that get in touch with us tend to generate more sales—a win-win situation, both for us and for those that contact us.

Apples of Gold’s jewelry affiliate program is a great opportunity, not only to earn some extra cash, but also to add value to your website or blog. Consider getting on board!

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