Best Wedding Rings of 2013 

Paisley Design White Gold Wedding Band RingWhat makes a wedding band stand out? The best wedding bands are created with a dedication to quality and a keen eye for detail. This year’s top wedding rings come in a range of styles, but the care with which each one is crafted is evident in each one. Let’s take a look at the best wedding rings of 2013 and what makes them stand above the rest.

Paisley wedding bands are among the top wedding rings of 2013, providing time-honored class with their swirling, sophisticated designs. The Paisley Design White Gold Wedding Band Ring is a prime example of this perpetual elegance as a meticulously-carved curling motif adorns the brushed center of this stunning 14K white gold wedding band. Highly polished edges frame this design, adding the perfect finishing touch to this 7mmm-wide ring.

14K White Gold Paisley Wedding Band Ring



If you’d prefer a slightly more subtle take on a paisley motif, consider the 14K White Gold Paisley Wedding Band Ring. This 4mm-wide band is adorned with a demure design that provides an undeniably graceful look. This paisley motif is framed by petite beaded edges and smooth, polished borders, creating a style that will always be in good taste.

14K White Gold Hammered Wedding Band RingHammered wedding bands are also standout picks for a number of reasons. Their pounded finishes are rugged yet refined, and simple yet upscale. In addition to their good looks, these rings are able to disguise wear and tear and are excellent picks for those who tend of be tough on their jewelry, or just those looking for a versatile, classy style. The 14K White Gold Hammered Wedding Band Ring is an excellent example of hammered rings’ appeal. The brushed center of this band has an evenly pounded texture that’s framed with clean, smooth, gleaming edges. In addition to this cool white gold style, this ring is available in several other metals, including several two-tone combinations.

Blue Titanium Celtic Wedding Band RingModern metals are popular picks for wedding bands this year, and titanium is an increasingly common option. From its remarkable strength, tarnish-resistant finish and naturally hypoallergenic nature, this is a metal that performs. The Blue Titanium Celtic Wedding Band Ring pairs this contemporary medium with a fresh adaptation of a time-honored motif that’s a symbol of eternity. A seamless infinity knot design is carved into this flat, shinning ring in seamless fashion, creating a symbol of your endless love. Accented with vibrant blue titanium oxide, this design positively pops.

Two-Halves One Flesh Wedding Band RingWedding bands laden with meaning are always excellent picks, and it’s not surprising that the Two-Halves One Flesh Wedding Band Ring is one of the best wedding rings of 2013. This 7mm-wide wedding band is comprised of two halves—one of 14K yellow gold and one of 14K white gold—that gracefully ebb and flow into one another to form a picture of the way that you and the one you love are a perfect fit and are becoming one.

These wedding bands are top picks for a reason! From paisley deigns to hammered rings and modern metals to particularly meaningful looks, these rings are standouts for their style and craftsmanship.

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