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Basic Jewelry Items Every Girl Should Have

Jewelry is one little piece of glamour that defines your entire style statement. I am sure you want to make an impact

on others with the way you carry yourself. Jewelry is the powerful tool which casts magic on your outlook and makes you more attractive. It’s essential to at least have a collection you can wear often even if you are not a jewelry fan. Here’s a roundup of our top picks for what should be the basic items in your jewelry collection, such as this cross and heart tanzanite ring from Apples of Gold!

If you don’t own a piece of jewelry, which is highly unlikely, it can be a starting point for you. In the beginning, it is a daunting task as you need to be careful about what looks good on you and what doesn’t. Sometimes, things which are in trend don’t go with the style you prefer which is completely okay. Keeping this in mind, here is a list of some good ol’ all-time favored pieces of jewelry which you will surely love.

A collection featuring fun and trendy items to classic evergreen jewelry pieces so read on and find what’s there in for you to shop more. Don’t worry they are all pocket-friendly, so all you girls can have them, rather than just dreaming about them.

Classic Watch

From teenage to adulthood, the advice on punctuality you get is for a reason. Maybe the reason is you need a stylish watch on your hand. It’s been said that people take you seriously and consider you mature if you wear a watch. Choose a simple round face one. Go with a metallic or leather strap, whichever you prefer, as both are classics.

Metallic Hoops

Sterling Silver Textured Hoop Earrings

Sterling Silver Textured Hoop Earrings

Want to get that style icon look? Why not add the long swinging elegantly in your ears metallic hoops? They are the best pieces of jewelry to keep in your collection. They are substantial but they will surely make you feel younger. The oversized ones remain top of the trend charts but what matters most is your personal style. Choose one which makes you feel more confident and proud when wearing them.


If you want something which goes with almost any outfit, then studs are for you. They are tiny yet versatile pieces of jewelry which can complement every look and any outfit. Yes, they are perfect for any occasion. You can wear them casually and at formal events too, no exceptions. You can get a pair with stones or jewels, this mostly depends on your

9mm Tahitian South Sea Pearl Stud Earrings

9mm Tahitian South Sea Pearl Stud Earrings

pocket. They keep you uplifted and updated with all trends, being one of the prized possession for many girls.

Cuffs and Bangles

Cuff and bangles can give you the elegant look you want.

14K Tri-Color Gold 7 Slip-On Bangles with Heart Charm

14K Tri-Color Gold 7 Slip-On Bangles with Heart Charm

With markets filled with variety of options, every color, multiple sizes and ungodly number of designs, there is something you will be impulsively attracted to. You can purchase a set for casual wear, maintaining fun and trendiness and another set for formal wear.

So, these are some of the basic jewelry items every girl should have in her collection.

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