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Best Place to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto Currency

Sign up at the below places to get a sign-up bonus when you use the links below. Currently, we are recommending two platforms, where you can earn a bonus for signing up.


Coinbase is a very easy trading platform with most of the major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite, and others. The great thing about Coinbase is that you can trade instantly without having to wait for your bank deposit to go through. You can also set up automatic trades and fees are relatively low.

Get $10 worth of bitcoin when you sign up using this link. ($100 purchase of coins necessary to get the offer after signing up).


Robinhood will give you a free stock just for signing up! While one of the bigger players and at the head of trading controversy at times, Robinhood does in fact have one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use platforms. The best thing about Robinhood? Trading is 100% free and you can purchase fractional shares of stocks as well as Bitcoin. They also have a “stop limit” price, so you can set your own price when trading.

Get a Free Stock when you sign up using this link.


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