Christian Necklaces for Women to Promote Your Faith 

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women's plain gold cross pendant

women’s plain gold cross pendant

“No matter how devastating our struggles, disappointments, and troubles are, they are only temporary. No matter what happens to you, no matter the depth of tragedy or pain you face, no matter how death stalks you and your loved ones, the Resurrection promises you a future of immeasurable good.” Josh McDowell

Easter is my favorite time of year. I like it even more than Christmas, because it commemorates the day that the Lord of Glory resurrected from the tomb and conquered death once and for all. With a love that great, how can I not worship the One who died for me? If you feel the same way, then perhaps you would like to have a beautiful cross to wear as a statement of how much you are grateful for His atoning death. No longer are our sins “covered over” by the substitutionary, temporary sacrifice of bulls, goats and lambs. Because we are unable to be righteous before a holy God, He Himself made propitiatory  sacrifice to atone, once and for all, and to set us free from our enslavement to sin. Filled with the Holy Spirit, we now have the ability to walk in sinlessness. And if we do sin, we have an Advocate before God, and His name is Jesus.

The message is a simple one: Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. Our 14k yellow gold cross pendant for women is equally simple. A smooth, contemporary design with slightly rounded edges, it states your faith and carries the message that Jesus still saves! Buy one for yourself or give one as a gift. After all, every perfect gift comes down from the Father of Lights. It is also available in white gold or platinum. You can see them in our collection of Gold Crosses. Happy Easter!


gold heart-cross-anchor pendant

gold heart, cross, and anchor pendant

“And this hope is an anchor for my soul—our God will stand unshakeable.” Hillsong

We live in a turbulent world where, day by day, despair threatens to overtake us. Everything we know—or thought we knew—is being redefined and corruption is the theme of the day. In a world gone topsy-turvy, to what do we hold? Hebrews 6:19 assures us: Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, and which entereth into that within the veil;” This means that Jesus Himself, as God’s High Priest, enters the holy of holies and stands—unshakeable—before the throne on our behalf, ever interceding for us. We at Apples of Gold believe deeply that these three emblems, the cross, the heart, and the anchor, appropriately represent God’s love, His resurrection, and His hope. Wearing a pendant like this one is a constant reminder that no matter how bad things look, one thing that will never change is God Himself. So if you are clinging to Him to make sense of our ever-changing society, wear a necklace that will help you hold on. Take a look at our wonderful collection of Women’s Yellow Gold Crosses to see more examples of jewelry that helps you remember and express so great a love!


women's diamond heart cross necklace

women’s diamond heart cross necklace

“Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” 1st Thessalonians 5:16-18

Remaining in the faith requires daily commitment to follow in Jesus’ steps. Sometimes we find ourselves forgetting that He deserves (and requires) our constant attention. We are to pray without ceasing, and every choice we make should be in line with His inspired Word. It is eternal and perfect. That’s why we think this gorgeous cross and heart in white gold is a splendid way to remind yourself to pray and a statement that tells others that you are sold out to Jesus.

The cross is a contemporary version of the terrible one on which He died a horrendous death to bring us into everlasting covenant with His Father. A stylized heart wraps around the cross and holds eight white diamonds. The sparkle of the gemstones portrays the beauty and lasting quality of the life He died to give us. All in all, the pendant measures 16mm (5/8″) x 15mm (9/16″) and includes a 14k white gold chain, too. You can find this one and more in our collection of Women’s White Gold Crosses.


diamond rose cross necklace white gold

diamond and rose cross necklace

“I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.” Song of Songs 2:1

Solomon’s lovely song to his beloved is one of sheer poetry. His beloved referred to herself as a rose of Sharon. When we realize that the Sharon Plain was located along the Mediterranean Sea, the largest valley-plain in Israel and noted for its fertility, beauty, and majesty, her statement is in stark contrast to earlier ones. She has grown and flourished under her lover’s care and now sees herself through his eyes. When she gives herself to her lover, it is as the most perfect flower known—the rose of Sharon.

In keeping with that thought, our exquisite diamond and rose cross necklace reminds us that under the care of the Great King, we flourish and grow in beauty, majesty, and fertility. Fertility infers that our lives are bringing forth fruit that is pleasing to God. The 14k white gold cross twists gently as though the Holy Spirit has blown across it. The milgrain border that follows the curve of the cross constrains 28 round, white diamonds that add sparkle to remind us of the richness of life in Jesus. The lovely rose reverses the story from Song of Songs and becomes symbolic of His eternal gift to us. This pendant has a hidden bale so that nothing distracts from the picture of Christ’s love. It is part of our collection of Women’s Cross Pendants.



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