Dozens of New Gemstone and Diamond Halo Rings! 

Cushion-Cut Amethyst Halo RingHave you seen any of Apples of Gold’s new gemstone and diamond halo rings? While halo rings have been a part of our gemstone jewelry collection for some time, we recently added dozens of stunning new halo styles that give you a wide range of gorgeous options.

The halo ring first came into vogue in the 1920s, in the midst of the Art Deco Period. While this design peaked in popularity in the 1960s and is trending again today, the halo ring never really went out of style. Thus, there’s good reason to believe that it’s not going to fall out of fashion any time soon. Halo rings have been worn by glamorous women for nearly a century, and they adorn the fingers of many of today’s A-listers, such as Carrie Underwood, Amy Adams and Natalie Portman.

Aquamarine and Pave Diamond Halo Ring in 14K White GoldWhat gives the halo ring its glamour? It uses a timeless strategy to magnify the sparkle of a center stone. By surrounding a central gem with a frame of sparkle, that gem seems even more dazzling. In the case of diamond halo rings, as well as rings that combine diamonds and other white gems (like white topaz), the frame almost seems to become an extension of the center stone, giving the illusion of a larger single gem.

In the case of halo styles that combine a colored gemstone with a frame of diamonds, the halo serves not only to add extra sparkle, but also to add contrast. Depending on the shade of the center gem, this contrast may be bold or subtle, but in every case, it serves to complement the center stone and emphasize its hue.

Mandarin Garnet and Diamond Cocktail Ring in 14K White GoldWhile each and every one of these gemstone halo rings makes a striking fashion statement, these styles can also serve as unique and striking engagement rings. In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge wears one of today’s most well-known gemstone and diamond halo rings on her left hand, proving that these pieces are literally fit for a princess. Originally worn by Princess Diana, this stunning ring showcases a stunning 18-carat oval-shaped sapphire, and surrounds it with a frame of 14 diamonds, demonstrating the timeless elegance of gemstone and diamond halo styles.

From the daring to the understated yet sophisticated, Apples of Gold’s new gemstone and diamond halo rings provide looks for a wide range of tastes. Here’s a sampling of these colorful and glamorous styles.

Micro Pave Halo Green Amethyst Ring in 14K White GoldThe Cushion-Cut Amethyst Halo Ring places a gemstone that’s long been associated with royalty in a timeless, classy setting, creating a look with enduring regal beauty. The star of this elegant style is a 6mm cushion-cut amethyst, a violet gem that instantly catches the eye with its rich color. This gem’s elegant shape—a rounded-off square—was popular in the 19th century, giving this piece a touch of time-tested glamour. Offsetting this richly-hued purple gem are 52 round diamonds, two dozen of which surround the amethyst, and the rest of which adorn the band. With a foundation of gleaming 14K white gold, this is a ring with sophistication and princess-worthy flair.

London Blue Topaz and Diamond Halo Gemstone Ring in 14K White GoldThe Aquamarine and Pave Diamond Halo Ring in 14K White Gold gives a central cushion-cut diamond a slightly more prominent role by increasing the size of the center gem to 8mm. This sizeable aquamarine has a cool, refreshing hue that, as its name suggests, calls to mind the color of the clearest sea, with a glimmer like sunlight on the waves. It’s a lively and lovely centerpiece that’s offset by nearly a half carat of colorless glimmer. A total of 60 pave diamonds give this ring a bit of a modern edge, without forcing it to give up any of its classic appeal. A number of these glittering gems follow the rounded-off square shape of the aquamarine, bordering it with class and gentle contrast, while others stud the slender 14K white gold band. In addition, this ring contains a sparkling surprise that’s revealed only to those who take a closer look: when viewed from the side, three diamond-accented petals are visible beneath the center stone.

Peridot and Diamond Halo Ring in 14K White GoldApples of Gold’s array of new halo rings contains a number of unique gemstone that give a timeless style a striking update. The Mandarin Garnet and Diamond Cocktail Ring in 14K White Gold is one of these standout pieces as it showcases an uncommon and stunning gem that was discovered just two decades ago. A fiery Mandarin garnet, 10mm high and 8mm wide, is the star of this standout ring. While garnet deposits have been found in many locations throughout the world, the Mandarin garnet has only been found in a few small deposits in Africa, and it’s a rare pick not only for its scarcity, but also for its gorgeous color. With a dazzling orange-red hue, this gem conveys incredible warmth and sophistication. This show-stopping stone is surrounded by a frame of two dozen small round diamonds, and set on a 14K white gold band that’s accented with 10 additional diamonds. This is one cocktail ring that stands out from the crowd.

The Micro Pave Halo Green Amethyst Ring in 14K White Gold displays a softer unique gemstone and an artful setting that makes this piece stand out. The 8mm round green amethyst that gently glimmers as the centerpiece of this style has a unique and alluring soft green hue that’s both refreshing and calming, and that’s sure to catch eyes. This lovely gem is encircled by 24 small round diamonds as it rises above a band with an innovative silhouette: as this band approaches the center stone, it splits into two halves that twist around one another for a look that’s three-dimensional and anything but ordinary. Seventy additional diamonds stud these intertwining halves, emphasizing this unique design.

Pave Diamond Criss-Cross Pink Topaz Halo Ring

The London Blue Topaz and Diamond Halo Gemstone Ring in 14K White Gold uses a simpler design and truly striking contrast to catch eyes. This sophisticated style features a richly-hued 7mm round London blue topaz, the deepest variety of blue topaz, and accompanies it with 0.40 carats of diamonds (30 stones in all) that make its color really pop. A total of 16 of these dazzling accent gems form a frame around the London blue topaz, while the remaining 14 stud the slender 14K white gold band in unfussy, elegant fashion. While this ring isn’t elaborate, its head-turning pairing of rich blue sparkle and colorless glimmer make it undeniably glamorous.
Modern Halo Citrine Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold

If you’re searching for a halo ring that’s daring in more way than one, don’t miss the Pave Diamond Criss-Cross Pink Topaz Halo Ring, which combines a gemstone that’s anything but timid with a striking, unexpected band. The first thing that draws attention in this outgoing style is an 8mm round pink topaz, a semiprecious gemstone with a sparkle that refuses to be ignored. This gem is girly, yet extremely glamorous and decidedly grown up. Its bright pink hue seems especially bold next to the 57 glittering diamonds that accompany it in this unique design. These colorless, glittering accents encircle the pink topaz and stud the dual bands that make this ring’s setting stand out. These two slender bands criss-cross twice, once directly under the center stone and once at the back of the wearer’s finger, making this ring doubly eye-catching.

The basic shapes of the Peridot and Diamond Halo Ring in 14K White Gold may be similar to those of the aforementioned London blue topaz ring, but channel-set diamonds and a bright center gemstone give this piece a look that’s sleek, contemporary and full of life. A total of 0.43 carats of diamonds—43 stones in all—adorn this lively ring; these stones form a frame of sparkle around the center gem and stud the band, providing an abundance of sparkle. Sitting in the center of this style is a 7mm round peridot, a semiprecious gemstone with a decidedly vibrant personality. Its vivid light green hue with a hint of gold seems to convey life and growth with a touch of sunshine. A setting of 14K white gold provides a cool, shining foundation for this chic style, perfectly complementing every gem.

Modern Halo Smoky Quartz Diamond Ring in 14K White GoldIf your tastes tilt more toward contemporary looks that give a nod to classic designs, try the Modern Halo Citrine Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold. This contemporary piece perfectly combines a decidedly sunny center stone with a cool, gleaming foundation of 14K white gold and over a third carat of glittering diamonds. The focal point of this halo ring is a 6mm round citrine, a semiprecious gemstone that seems to contain rays of sunshine. This sparkling yellow gem is accented by a total of 38 channel-set diamonds that encircle it with dazzle and that stud the band in sophisticated fashion. Or, if you’re drawn to this cotemporary setting, but prefer a more subtly-sophisticated gemstone, consider the Modern Halo Smoky Quartz Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold.

Each of the settings featured here is available with a number of different gemstones, giving you an array of ways to showcase the beauty of halo styles. Don’t miss these gorgeous additions to Apples of Gold’s collection!

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