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Gifting Gold Cross Necklaces as Christmas Presents

The three wise men brought gifts to baby Jesus. Wise men STILL seek Him!


And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, King Of Kings, And Lord Of Lords (Revelation 19:14-16).

When the armies of God come on clouds of glory with their King, will you be among them? Like a soldier dressed for battle, wearing this elegant cross speaks of who you are—someone prepared for war and riding with the Ultimate Warrior, the King of kings and Lord of lords. This emblem of your faith puts the devil on notice: your armor is on tight and your King is leading the battle. A perfect Christmas gift for men or women who recognize the spiritual battle we wage can only be won by The Sword of the Spirit!

This gold cross is made for women or men and measures 1 1/4″ tall (1 1/2″ tall with hoop/bale) x 0.86″ wide. Make it a necklace by adding a matching 14k gold box chain in either 18″ or 20″. Made in the USA, it is part of our growing collection of Yellow Gold Crosses.


“Praise ye the LORD. Blessed is the man that feareth the LORD, that delighteth greatly in his commandments. His seed shall be mighty upon earth: the generation of the upright shall be blessed” (Psalm 112:1-2).

Our most treasured heirlooms are memories of our loved ones. The past isn’t dead—it isn’t even past! This according to William Faulkner says what you are declaring when you purchase this beautiful cross. You wear it now, but in generations to come, your child and grandchild will remember you and your faithfulness to God and to your family. So why not gift someone you love this Christmas with memories that can be called to mind simply by touching this lovely, polished cross pendant?

Our modern take on the classic cross is a bit wider all around, with gently rounded connections and a soft, polished finish. We also have an even thicker, 3mm version of the same cross which is made (just as this one is) in the United States of America. Also available in 18k or 22k gold, white gold, or platinum. It’s a treasured part of our Gold Crosses Collection.


Thou, O LORD, remainest for ever; thy throne from generation to generation” (Lamentations 5:19).

This is a Christmas gift men will love! God has bestowed upon us natural beauty and wonders, including gold, which wondrously, is mined from deep in the earth. We’ve used the finest gold available to make this everlasting symbol of God’s greater gift, the sacrifice of His Son for our sins, that we might be saved. The simple, elegant lines of this classic cross makes it among the favorites in our collection of Men’s Gold Crosses, and it will be a favorite of your family, too. That first Granddad and then Dad wore it will be a source of great comfort to a son and grandson in years to come. Also available in 14k white gold, 18k gold, or platinum.


Men know not the gold which lies in the mine of Christ Jesus, or surely they would dig in it night and day. They have not yet discovered the pearl of great price, or they would have sold their all to buy the field wherein it lies.—Charles Spurgeon

Our best-selling men’s solid gold cross is an excellent choice for Christmas and an investment in your future. Not only is this fine jewelry solid gold, but its size and design are perfect for men. The polished gold cross measures 1 3/16″ tall x over 3/4″ wide (or 1 1/2″ tall with hoop/bale). Both sides are polished to a high sheen. It is, indeed, a thing to behold.

But the real value in this exquisite cross is not what it is made of, how shiny it is, or how generous its measurements. Its real value is in what it represents. For the cross carries with it a season of agony that purchased your freedom from slavery to sin. It symbolizes the deal of all centuries: it bought you at a price and you are forever free. Wear it humbly, knowing that you weren’t deserving enough to wear it; nevertheless, God is happy to call you His own. See other options in our collection of Men’s Crosses.

Add a matching 0.9mm 14k solid gold box chain to match, in either 20″ or 24″.


“Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.”(Matthew 16:24)will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.”(Matthew 16:24)

The Greek word stow-ros’  (translated into English as “cross”) means figuratively exposure to death, that is, to deny oneself; be sold out to God in every aspect of your life.

This concept is extremely simple, just as is our plain, beveled cross pendant. Its simplicity shouts out the command to “follow Me” but the beveled edges are indicative of the prophecy in Isaiah 45:2, where God promises to go before you and make the mountains level.

Let this beautiful, 14k yellow gold cross be her favorite gift when you open presents this year as we celebrate our Lord and Savior! It’s part of our wide collection of Gold Crosses.

This cross pendant measures 30mm x 16mm (1.18″ x 5/8″). Shipping in the USA is always free!

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