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Gold and Silver: The Perfect Jewelry Combination

Women can really increase the overall worth of their outfit through pairing it with the right kind of jewelry. One of the biggest fashion debates among women is wearing gold and silver in jewelry at the same time. The debate has raged on since a very long time- with the answer finally being endorsed as a definitive ‘yes’ by the glitterati. If you mix the right amount of gold and silver jewelry together, it will not only look amazing but will give you a creative flair like no other.

Buying gold and silver jewelry can be tricky, especially for women who are generally not into experimenting with their jewelry options. The number of options available online today, for instance, can make it quite confusing to decide on the right piece.

Celtic Knot Wedding Band Ring, 14K Gold and SilverPairing gold and silver requires a lot of courage, creativity, and confidence. One of the top tips for wearing these two opposite colors in jewelry is to pick up a breathtaking combination piece, which perfectly balances the color tone of both of these two extremes.

A great example of that could be our Celtic Knot Wedding Band Ring, 14K Gold and Silver. It is one the top selling items at Apples Of Gold. The Celtic knot pattern is creatively used on a polished silver band to balance out the colors while developing a sophisticated and tribal look. This design is popular equally in both men and women.

Tri Tone Heart Necklace, Sterling SilverWomen can also think about mixing in different pieces of jewelry to wear silver and gold beautifully.

For instance, if you are wearing a gold necklace or pendant and want to add in the color of silver, you can easily add in statement and visible jewelry that mixes both of these colors. You will then be able to wear a full silver item like a ring or a watch!

A piece from our collection such as the Tri Tone Heart Necklace, Sterling Silver, will not only make you look elegant but will allow you to wear different full gold or full silver jewelry items. For instance, you can pair it with a full golden watch and a silver ring! It will help you to create a color-uniform look while giving you an edge of sophistication as well.

The most important factor to be kept in mind while contrasting these two colors is to understand that you can play with the same type of designs and expect them to gel-in with no exceptions! Do not ever think about mixing in different and contrasting designs in jewelry.

For instance, a tribal necklace paired with a chunky and modern lace bracelet can never go together and would end up in a fashion disaster. You need to always stay minimalistic when mixing in strong colors let it be in clothing, jewelry or painting!

Organic Leaf Imprint Spinner Ring in Sterling Silver and 14K GoldAlong with looking amazing together, gold and silver can be beautifully used with earthy colors like black, grey and brown. Our breath taking Organic Leaf Imprint Spinner Ring in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold is the classic example of statement jewelry perfectly matching three of the most amazing colors to creative an artistic and stylish look.

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