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How to Carry Citrine Gemstone Jewelry like A Stylista

The purpose of Jewelry is to enhance the beauty of the wearer, but of course everybody knows that. The more appropriate thing to mention here is that the more beautiful the jewelry the more you stand out and what better way for that then to make a statement with Citrine gemstone jewelry?

Citrine gemstones make an outstanding style statement, but only if they are carved to perfection and placed in the perfect jewellery pieces the ones highlighted below.


Citrine & Diamond Heart Necklace

Citrine & Diamond Heart Necklace

This citrine and diamond Heart necklace has its pendant made to perfection with a perfect balance of gemstones in it. The white gold structure has the just the right equilibrium of diamonds and gemstones in which gives it an elegant style. This necklace is designed such that every feature complements the other. The warm and lovely feel added by the beautifully cut, heart shaped citrine gemstone is enhanced by its gentle honey color, which portrays the warmth of love and gives a soothing effect to the wearer.

Furthermore the addition of diamonds on top seems to add to the sheer majesty of the gemstone itself. Now, imagine yourself wearing this necklace to a formal gathering and picture the aura of sophistication and style that you will radiate with it twinkling around your neck.


Art Deco Citrine Bridal Ring

1/2 Carat Art Deco Citrine Bridal Ring Set

The brilliance of this ring is evident from its look, as it takes jewelry style to a whole new level.

The art deco ring set consists of two white gold bands which contain swirls on them, carved with amazing sophistication. Every swirl is carved with perfection and in one word it’s just flawless. To top it all, its majestic look is increased by the beautiful citrine gemstone which sits on top like a crown jewel. This ring is enough to catch the eye of any bride and not to mention, win her heart. This ring is designed to make the bride, who wears it, stand out in style from everyone else and make her special day extra special.

Citrine and Diamond Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver

This Citrine gemstone and diamond earring is a must have for any woman. It serves to give any woman that special touch which she desires. Its unique design gives that classy lady like look and reflects the amazing taste of the wearer.

Trillion-Cut Citrine and Diamond Stud Earrings in Sterling SilverThe frame of the earrings is made from sterling silver and it is one of the most distinguishing features of this piece of jewelry.

Next, the citrine gemstone adds to the overall look of the earrings making it desirable for all ladies. This main feature is lined with diamonds which surround the citrine gemstone entirely as if standing in praise of the stone itself.



The citrine gemstones are a symbol of style and class throughout the world and they result in the most beautiful form of jewelry if prepared in the correct way. If the gemstones are complimented with the right stones, as the jewelry pieces displayed above, they would result epic pieces of art in the jewelry world.

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