Citrine Jewelry: Fall Gemstones Part 2 

Criss-Cross Pave Diamond and Citrine Halo RingLooking for a piece with a golden glow that captures the beauty of an autumn sunset or one of the vivid hues of the falling leaves? Look no further than citrine jewelry! With their saturated golden sparkle, these pieces seem to glow from within, making them ideal picks for fall.

The warm dazzle of citrine is due to the presence of iron, but it would be easy to believe that this bold color comes courtesy of captured sunshine. The rich yellow glitter of this stone is reflected in its name: derived from the French word for lemon, “citrine” is a fitting term for this vibrant gem.

The warm, lively sparkle of citrine makes pieces that feature it excellent picks for the time of year when the days grow short and we miss the sunshine. This bright glitter is enhanced when this gem is accented by diamonds, a combination that contrasts the yellow hue of citrine with colorless dazzle.

Trillion-Cut Citrine and Diamond RingThis striking pairing is gorgeously demonstrated in the Criss-Cross Pave Diamond and Citrine Halo Ring, a unique twist on a timeless style. The focal point of this eye-catching style is an 8mm round citrine, and it’s surrounded by a frame of glittering accent diamonds. Two slender bands embellished with additional pave diamonds criss-cross directly beneath the center stone and at the back of the wearer’s finger, creating a look that calls to mind golden rays radiating from the autumn sun.

For a look that’s modern and that takes full advantage of citrine’s daring good looks, try the Trillion-Cut Citrine and Diamond Ring. A 6mm trillion-cut citrine, a triangular-shaped gemstone with slightly rounded sides, is the star of this ring, and it’s accented in asymmetrical fashion with four diamonds, three on the left and one on the right. Set in gleaming 14K white gold, this is a contemporary look that perfectly combines warm glimmer and cool shine.

Victorian Floral Oval Citrine Ring in .925 Sterling SilverIf a look that’s inspired by the past is more your taste, the Victorian Floral Oval Citrine Ring in .925 Sterling Silver is an excellent pick! This outgoing yet feminine style showcases an oval-shaped citrine, 10mm high and 8mm wide, in a meticulously-carved setting that calls to mind the patterns of a more romantic era. With elegantly carved flowers and leaves, this ring has a beauty that’s distinctly ladylike yet never stuffy.

Whether on their own or paired with a citrine ring, Citrine Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold are a lovely way to add a pop of golden glimmer to your look. This pairs comes with one of three sizes of gemstones: 6mm (1.70 carats total), 7mm (2.50 carats total) or 8mm (4.00 carats total), allowing you to choose just how much warm sparkle you want to wear. You also have your choice of push backs or screw backs, so you can customize a pair that suits your style.

Citrine Stud Earrings, 14K White GoldAs a semiprecious gemstone, citrine is not only an eye-catching pick; it’s also a relatively affordable one! Citrine rings, pendants and earrings are both daring and wallet-friendly, and they’re pieces with style that you’ll want to wear autumn after autumn.

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