Green Gemstone Jewelry: Fall Fashion Preview Part 3 

Enchanted Emerald Ring in 14K White Gold, vintageGreen is a go-to color this fall! From bright jewel tones to military-inspired shades, a wide range of this most life-filled of colors dominated fall runways and is sure to fill wardrobes in the coming months. And, this trend isn’t just for clothing—three stunning gemstones capture various varieties of this on-trend shade, giving you many options when you’re seeking a splash of green glimmer.

While green may seem like a color that’s better suited for spring or summer—seasons generally associated with life and growth—the coming season’s shades prove that this hue is equally fit for fall. A Pantone press release explains what sets this autumn’s shades of green apart from their spring counterparts:

Emerald and Diamond Flower Pendant in 10K White Gold

“With the changing season, the greens from spring evolve and develop. Multifaceted Emerald continues to sparkle and fascinate, bringing luxury and elegance to the palette, while yellow-toned Linden Green brings a lightness and brightness to the deeper shades of fall.”

These two colors—Emerald and Linden Green—are matched in striking fashion in the jewelry world by two stunning gemstones: the emerald (not surprisingly) and the peridot. This same Pantone report also mentions Deep Lichen Green (described as “a naturally lush shade of green”), a hue that’s reflected in slightly lighter fashion by a unique gemstone, the green emerald.

Rough-Cut Emerald Pendant in Sterling Silver

Among these three gemstones, you have a bevy of choices in on-trend green jewelry. Here’s just a sampling of the many ways to wear these three spot-on stylish stones.

Emerald: Still Going Strong

By now, you’re probably well aware the emerald was named Pantone’s color of the year, and although we’re heading into the third season of this shade’s reign, this saturated green hue is still going strong. Emerald jewelry, though always classy, continues to be a particularly current pick, whether you gravitate toward vintage looks or contemporary designs.

The Enchanted Emerald Ring in 14K White Gold places a 4.5mm round emerald in the center of a setting inspired by the Victorian Era. Surrounding this gleaming green stone is a lively motif of swirls and openwork, creating a look that’s time-tested and feminine. This lovely piece is one of a number of Apples of Gold’s emerald rings that’s inspired by times past.

Tension Set Peridot Ring, 14K White GoldAn emerald pendant is another excellent way to add a pop of green to your fall style, and the Emerald and Diamond Flower Pendant in 10K White Gold is a lovely pick. This pretty piece uses five 8mm x 6mm marquise-cut emeralds to create the petals of a colorful, glittering flower. This lively blossom hangs from a gleaming 14K white gold bale that’s adorned with channel-set diamonds.

Or, for a slightly softer, more whimsical take on the emerald, try the Rough-Cut Emerald Pendant in Sterling Silver. This fun and fanciful style features a sizeable oval-shaped emerald, 13/16″ high, giving this ring a big splash of cool green. This rough-cut gem has a slightly rustic look that keeps this ring casual without forgoing its sophisticated charm. Surrounded by a frame of sterling silver that’s adorned with a lively filigree design, this is a graceful pendant with a contemporary personality.

Peridot: The August Birthstone That Endures Into the Fall

With its lively hue—a vivid light green with a touch of golden sunshine—the peridot has a sparkle that makes it an excellent match for Pantone’s Linden Green. Although this may seem like a spring shade at first glance, it’s an ideal color for brightening up a rich fall palate. Peridot jewelry positively pops against deep hues, making it an excellent pick when you’re looking for pieces that will stand out all season long.

Peridot Stud Earrings, 14K White GoldIf you’re looking for a peridot piece that stands out for its unique modern setting as well as its vivid color, don’t miss the Tension Set Peridot Ring in 14K White Gold! This sleek, contemporary piece holds a 6.5mm round peridot in an eye-catching setting that makes this brilliant stone seem as if it’s suspended in midair. Arms of 14K white gold emerge from the gleaming band to embrace this peridot on the top and bottom, hugging it in a chic tension setting.

The Peridot Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold would make a lovely accompaniment to any peridot ring, and can provide a vibrant pop of light green for your ears all autumn long. This classically-styled pair holds peridots in your choice of three sizes in a secure basket setting.

Trillion-Cut Green Amethyst and Diamond RingGreen Amethyst: A Softer Take on Top Shade

Green amethyst jewelry provides a more subdued take on one of the coming season’s top shades. This unique variation on a gemstone that’s usually known for its rich violet sparkle has a soft light green glimmer that perfectly complements the military-inspired shades of the season.

The Trillion-Cut Green Amethyst and Diamond Ring showcases this alluring gemstone in sleek, modern fashion. A 6mm trillion-cut green amethyst, 0.75 carats in weight, is the star of this ring, providing a splash of intriguing color. The contemporary shape of this gem—a triangle with slightly curving sides—is cool and eye-catching as it’s held by a 14K white gold band with jaunty, asymmetrical style.  Accented with four diamonds, three on the left and one on the right, this is a unique gem with a modern yet understated personality.

5 Carat Cushion Cut Green Amethyst & Diamond Earrings, 14K White GoldA pair of green amethyst earrings would also make an excellent addition to your jewelry collection this fall, and the 5 Carat Cushion Cut Green Amethyst and Diamond Earrings in 14K White Gold is a fantastic choice. Each of these chic earrings features an 8mm cushion-cut green amethyst, set so that it adorns your ears with a diamond-shaped hit of fresh green sparkle. A small accent diamond dazzles atop of each of these gems, adding an extra pop of sparkle.

There’s a shade of green for everyone this fall! Whether you’re drawn to the rich, saturated sparkle of the emerald, the light green glimmer of peridot with just a hint of golden glow or the refreshing hue of green amethyst, green gemstone jewelry is the perfect autumn pick.

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