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Dolphins are playful, friendly, and curious creatures. They are compassionate and sociable with humans and other animals. Dolphins have inspired human beings, time and again, with their intelligence and empathy. That is why dolphin jewelry in 14k solid gold is so popular among jewelry and ocean enthusiasts.

Dolphins have made their way through movies, music, art and jewelry, such as in the form of dolphin necklaces, and straight into our hearts. They symbolize kinship, protection, freedom, desire, and joy. No wonder these elegant yet adorable mammals are featured extensively on ocean jewelry worldwide.

Dolphin Symbolism  

Since ancient times, dolphins have been viewed as a symbol of good luck and providence. But this wasn’t merely rooted in myth or superstition. To sailors, the sight of dolphins signified the presence of land nearby. Ever since, humans have considered spotting a dolphin as good fortune.

In the Celtic culture, dolphins are symbols of rebirth. The Greeks linked dolphins to Apollo, the god of music, and Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Dolphins appeared in several Greek stories and remain a symbol of love to this day. 

Dolphins in Myth and Religion

The people of New Zealand consider them water spirits who help people. Some Native Americans believe dolphins are guardians. Dolphins were a symbol of early Christianity, too. Dolphin symbols were discovered in ancient catacombs. For Christians living by the ocean, sea dolphins became a symbol of Jesus Christ, a friend and deliverer to the safer shores of heaven.

Dolphins symbolize harmony, protection, balance, and peace. They are spiritually significant in different ways in many cultures. 

Dolphins In Jewelry

The whimsical nature of dolphins fills us with a sense of delight. When inscribed in a piece of jewelry, they can give the wearer a sense of freedom and add beauty to their ensemble. 

You can use dolphin jewelry to make a statement about your personality and style, too.


Because dolphins possess the ability to communicate to such an extent that they can even understand some of our words, adding them to your jewelry can imply that you are an accomplished communicator. 


As intelligent creatures, dolphins also demonstrate near human-like feelings, such as showing happiness on seeing someone they love. You can use a dolphin necklace or pendant to remind yourself of your capacity for unconditional love. 


We all have seen dolphins enjoying themselves while surfing with surfers, performing breath-taking acrobatics, and swimming alongside boats. This joyousness of dolphin jewelry will serve as a reminder that we must also be joyful and enjoy life to the fullest. 


Each year, dolphins travel thousands of miles crossing continents in groups called pods. United, they achieve their goal. They symbolize cooperation, selflessness, and love. You can gift someone a dolphin pendant or ring to remind them you are always there for them.

Wrapping Up

Adding dolphin jewelry to your collection can be an excellent choice, but where can you find the best pieces? Apples of Gold Jewelry has a lovely selection of solid gold dolphin jewelry, necklaces, pendants and earrings, including related jewelry such as sea shell jewelry and other nautical and ocean inspired pieces. We offer free shipping, a 45-day return policy, and jewelry customization. Also, be sure to check our customer ratings and reviews!

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