Italian Silver Rope Chains 

Sterling silver is a great offset to inflation as precious metals tend to rise in price over time as a hedge when inflation soars. Our Italian silver rope chains make a great wearable investment that you can enjoy now as jewelry and hold long into the future without fear of their value decreasing. See our collection of silver rope chains here and shop from 1mm to 8mm widths in your choice of 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 and 30 inch lengths.

Each Italian silver rope chain necklace is crafted in pure .925 solid sterling silver, unlike counterfeits or cheaper items which are hollow or plated. We only work in genuine, real, solid sterling silver while maintaining a value-based approach to pricing our jewelry.

With this in mind, you get intrinsic silver value for every dollar spent. But most don’t shop for the investment alone. What makes our Italian silver rope chains stand above others on the market is that they are made in Italy, using the best of alloys and manufacturing process to create a high-end rope chain necklace that outshines our competitors.

While many rope chain necklaces are made in unknown foreign nations using the cheapest mass-produced manufacturing process to keep costs down, ours are made with the utmost in quality craftsmanship in mind as we manufacturer our chains in Italy, which is world renowned for the highest quality jewelry manufacturing and the finest mixing alloys that are combined with pure .925 sterling silver to make your high-end rope chain necklace for a truly affordable price.

When it comes to hedging against inflation, many people turn to silver and gold. Consider, for example, our heavy Italian 6mm silver rope chain which has a total weight of approx. 52.16 grams (1.839 ounces) of pure sterling silver in the 20 inch length. In 24 inches, it weighs 62.89 grams (2.218 ounces), and in 30 inches 78.63 grams (2.773 ounces). Alternatively, for an even heavier piece, consider our Italian 7mm silver rope chain necklace, which weighs, for example, 90.57 grams in 24 inch length or 3.194 ounces of .925 sterling silver!

All of our Italian silver rope chains come standard with the industry’s most popular lobster claw clasp closure and are heavy-duty enough for each width of chain necklace. Lobster claw clasps are popular for their ease-of-use combined with their security when worn, making them comfortable enough to wear all day long, whether you are shopping for silver, gold or white gold rope chains.

Some shoppers like to opt for an extra long chain, such as a 28 or 30 inch length, so they can take their chain on and off easily without even fussing with the clasp. We have Italian silver rope chains available from 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 and 30 inch lengths, giving you a wide variety of sizes and options and chains from 1mm through 8mm width.

Be sure to also view our gold rope chains for a variety of widths and colors if you are looking for solid gold, white gold or even tri-color rope chains instead of sterling silver.

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