Guide to Unique Gemstones 

unique gemstone jewelryClassic gems like emeralds and aquamarine are always lovely, but if you’re looking for a piece that stands out from the crowd, why not a try a gemstone that’s a little out of ordinary? Apples of Gold’s collection of unique gemstone jewelry offers you dozens of pieces that showcase an array of eye-catching stones—ones that you don’t see every day. Here’s a guide to seven of these unique gemstones.

Micro Pave Halo Green Amethyst Ring in 14K White GoldGreen Amethyst

Admittedly, green isn’t the first color that comes to most people’s minds when they think of amethyst; however, purple doesn’t have the monopoly on this semiprecious gemstone. Green amethyst has a subtle sparkle that’s simultaneously refreshing and soothing, and that seems to capture the essence of the first days of spring.

Apples of Gold’s collection of green amethyst rings provides an array of gorgeous ways to wear this mesmerizing gem, not the least of which is the Micro Pave Halo Green Amethyst Ring in 14K White Gold. This modern twist on the classic halo ring pairs an alluring 8mm round green amethyst with 94 diamonds (0.79 carats in all) to create a look that’s fresh and fluid. These diamonds form a glittering border around the eye-catching center gem and stud the dual twisting band. It’s one of several rings in Apples of Gold’s selection of green amethyst jewelry that provide a unique twist on a timeless design.

Kunzite and Diamond Cocktail Ring in 14K White GoldKunzite

Compared to many gems, kunzite is still a newbie. Discovered in California in the early 20th century, this pale pink stone is a member of the spodumen family. With just a hint of lavender, it has a soft hue that’s always elegant, and that never fails to provide a sense of feminine charm.

The Kunzite and Diamond Cocktail Ring in 14K White Gold showcases this gem simply and stunningly. An oval-shaped kunzite, 10mm high and 8mm wide, is the star of this timelessly sophisticated style, and it’s accompanied by over a third carat of dazzling diamonds. This lovely gem is surrounded by a halo of 24 small round colorless stones, and set on a slender band that’s studded with 10 additional accent diamonds, five on each side of the center stone.

Vintage Leaf London Blue Topaz Ring in 14K White GoldLondon Blue Topaz

As the deepest shade of blue topaz, London blue topaz has a saturated royal blue sparkle that’s rich and sophisticated. A step lighter than the sapphire, but with the same sense of glamour, this classy gem gives London blue topaz rings a striking, upscale personality that’s sure to catch eyes for all the right reasons.

The Vintage Leaf London Blue Topaz Ring in 14K White Gold showcases the ability of London blue topaz to give time-honored looks a sense of modern yet timeless sophistication. An 8mm round London blue topaz is the centerpiece of this past-inspired style; it’s held by six prongs to an expertly-crafted band of 14K white gold. Delicate leaf designs adorn this band on each side of the center gem, while a heart is hidden in the setting underneath the London blue topaz, adding a romantic surprise.

5 Carat Emerald-Cut London Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring

If you’d rather a London blue topaz look that’s a bit bolder, don’t miss the 5 Carat Emerald-Cut London Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring. This head-turning piece features a sizeable emerald-cut London blue topaz, 11mm high and 9mm wide. This striking gem is hugged by a 0.15-carat baguette-cut diamond on either side as it’s held by a timeless 14K white gold band. Apples of Gold’s collection of London blue topaz jewelry also includes this striking ring as part of the matching Emerald-Cut London Blue Topaz Ring and Earring Set, pairing it with perfectly coordinating 8mm x 6mm emerald-cut London blue topaz studs.

Tension-Set Pink Sapphire Ring, 14K White Gold


Pink Sapphire

Sapphire is blue … right? Not always! While blue is the most common variety of sapphire that’s used in jewelry, this classic precious gemstone also has a show-stopping pink variety. Pink sapphire retains the dazzle of its traditional blue counterpart, as well as its durability—it ranks just below the diamond in hardness.

The bright hue that’s displayed by pink sapphire rings is next to impossible to ignore! By interpreting the color that’s associated with fairytales and little girls in daring, grown-up fashion, these pieces add a pop of bold yet feminine style in an instant.

The Tension-Set Pink Sapphire Ring in 14K White Gold displays the striking color of pink sapphire in simple, decidedly modern fashion. A 6mm round pink sapphire is held in a unique tension setting that makes it seem to float in midair. Arms of polished 14K white gold emerge from the gleaming band to hug this stone on the top and bottom like a warm, graceful embrace.

Vintage Style Pink Topaz and Diamond Engagement RingPink Topaz

Like pink sapphire, pink topaz has a head-turning hue, one that perfectly pairs feminine charm and bold sparkle. However, since pink topaz rings feature a semiprecious gemstone, they’re available at lower prices than their pink sapphire counterparts.

Antique styles are given a modern and daring pop of color when they’re set with pink topaz, and the Vintage Style Pink Topaz and Diamond Engagement Ring proves this gem’s ability to infuse a time-tested design with life. A 5mm round pink topaz glitters in eye-catching fashion from the center of this stunning style, and it’s accompanied by 64 round diamonds. These dazzling colorless gems work together to form lively lines and swirls in a pattern inspired by a Victorian tapestry. Petite beaded edges offset these stones with elegance.Heart Shaped Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold

If you’d rather a more romantic take on pink topaz, try one of Apples of Gold’s pieces of pink topaz jewelry that features a heart-shaped stone. For instance, the Heart Shaped Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold showcases a 10mm heart-shaped pink topaz that’s held in a sweeping setting of shining 14K white gold. This lovely and lively gem is accented by five small round diamonds as it communicates vibrant love.

Cushion-Cut 3.52 Carat Smoky Topaz and Diamond Ring






Smokey Quartz

The beauty of smokey quartz lies in its subtlety. This semiprecious gemstone has a soft brownish hue that, as its name suggests, resembles a curl of smoke rising from a campfire on a crisp fall day. This understated color is given a gentle yet alluring sparkle that makes smokey quartz jewelry an incredibly versatile addition to any jewelry collection. With an appearance similar to that of a mocha diamond, smokey quartz provides a much more affordable way to wear warm, milk chocolate-colored sparkle.

The understated yet undeniably glamorous personality of smokey quartz is beautifully displayed in the Cushion-Cut 3.52 Carat Smoky Topaz and Diamond Ring. A 9mm cushion-cut smokey quartz is the centerpiece of this sophisticated piece, and it’s surrounded by a frame of 16 round diamonds that add contrast—not to mention extra sparkle.7 Carat Emerald Cut Smoky Quartz Ring

The 7 Carat Emerald Cut Smoky Quartz Ring provides a huge dose of this semiprecious gemstone’s soft yet stunning breed of glamour. Of all of Apples of Gold’s smokey quartz rings, it features the largest center gem: an emerald-cut smokey quartz that measures 12mm high and 10mm wide. The striking size and clean lines of this stone give its subtle sparkle a cool, daring edge. A total of two dozen small round diamonds accent the splitting 14K white gold band that holds this show-stopping gem.

White Topaz

Although white topaz is sometimes viewed as simply a stand-in for a diamond, it’s far more than an affordable option for engagement rings (though it’s an excellent pick when popping the question on a budget). This colorless version of a common semiprecious gem has a beauty all its own, with a sparkle that ranges from transparent to translucent.

White Topaz 1 Carat Art Deco RingApples of Gold’s collection of white topaz rings features many of the same settings that are used in their most popular diamond rings, including a number of designs taken from times past. The timeless, colorless sparkle of white topaz is a lovely pick for vintage styles, as displayed in the White Topaz 1 Carat Art Deco Ring. This gorgeous style features the same setting as one of Apples of Gold’s most-loved diamond styles and replaces the diamond with a 6mm round white topaz. This gem emerges from the opening petals of gleaming 14K white gold lotus flower, and is set on a band that’s been meticulously carved with a swirl and leaf motif. At $425, it provides the same 1920s-inspired style as its diamond counterpart, but at fraction of the price.

Pave Diamond Criss-Cross White Topaz Halo RingStyles that combine white topaz and diamonds provide a double dose of colorless dazzle, and when you look closely, they showcase the subtle differences between these two white stones. For instance, the Pave Diamond Criss-Cross White Topaz Halo Ring accents an 8mm round white topaz with nearly three-quarter carats of diamonds to create a look that overflows with sparkle. Some of these accent gems form a frame around the glittering center stone, while the rest adorn the two thin bands as they cross directly beneath the white topaz, and again at the back of the wearer’s finger.

No matter which of these out-of-the ordinary gems you choose, you’re sure to make a statement! Shop Apples of Gold’s collection of unique gemstone rings for an array of styles that feature these seven striking stones.

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