Have Children? Why Not Gift Them Personalized Disney Jewelry? 

The world of make believe affects children in much more profound ways than it affects us. It helps them escape from reality at that early age and allows their minds to expand imaginatively, which is imperative for the development of their cognition. Disney characters are something that most kids love and even at that small age children are familiar with the concept of valuable things. It might be a great idea to give your child personalized Disney jewelry. It will definitely boost their self-esteem and confidence because they will understand that you are trusting them with something expensive and aid in enhancing their imagination which is conducive to their mental make-up.

Personalized Winnie the Pooh Name Pendant, 14K Solid Yellow Gold


This personalized Winnie the Pooh name pendant is official Walt Disney Jewelry and you can have 4-9 characters imprinted upon it. It looks attractive and especially suitable for children with an affinity towards Disney characters. It has a versatile purpose as it can be worn at different events and goes smoothly with different outfits. To make it more interesting the item is packaged in a Walk Disney Fine Jewelry gift box. Winnie the Pooh Jewelry is also available as both personalized and non-personalized official Disney jewelry.

Personalized Tinkerbell Name Pendant, 14K Yellow Gold


The Tinkerbell name pendant is incredibly beautiful and would be an amazing present for your daughter. You can have names with up to nine characters imprinted upon it, while names with more characters require additional charges. This would be a perfect gift for your daughter’s birthday or any significant event in her childhood life. Our Tinkerbell jewelry is among the most popular of our Disney jewelry. This item is also packaged in a Walk Disney Fine Jewelry embossed gift box, which will appeal even more to your kid. So don’t hesitate to give her the gift that she deserves.

Personalized Mickey Mouse Name Pendant, 14K Solid Yellow Gold

Want to show your kid how much you love them? Why not start with a personalized Mickey Mouse name pendant? It will definitely make your kid happy and earn you points with your partner! Apart from that it will also make your kid stand out at events and parties. It’s the sort of gift that will not be forgotten for some time. It’s just a unique way of showing your kid how proud you are of them and how much they mean to you. Besides, it’s the type of jewelry that goes with many outfits, so this one really is a no-brainer. Mickey Mouse jewelry continues to be among the most popular of all Disney jewelry and characters.

We have all been children, and we all understand the value of gifts, and gifts from parents perhaps mean much more than gifts from others. It’s never a good feeling to disappoint your kid on their birthday or a special event. Good presents are always remembered and kids love it when they are trusted enough to be given something of value! It brings them closer to their parents, curtails the possibility of them rebelling later and makes them more receptive to their parents. So go on and get your child the present you know they would love.

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