Express the Purity of Your Love with Opal Rings 

Opal RingsNothing says unconditional love better than beautifully carved Opal rings. If you are looking for the perfect wedding ring to proclaim your unending love for your spouse, or an engagement ring that signifies the start of a beautiful relationship, then make the proclamation as elaborately as your love itself. And what way to do so could be better than our wide range of beautiful Opal gemstones set in intricately designed rings! Opal rings are the perfect way to express your love to your loved ones and to let them know how much they mean to you. If you want to signify love that stays undeterred and never falters, Opal rings are the perfect choice for you.

Opal rings defy time and fashion fads by always being the symbol of class and elegance. They communicate the essence of true love in the most beautiful way. And with Apple’s of Gold Genuine Opal Rings collection, there can be no better way for showing your love than these intricately carved rings. Combining White Gold, Gold, Diamond and the beautiful Opal stones, this collection embraces the purity of love and lets you express it in the most magical of ways. The carefully selected designs, beautiful craftsmanship, and the choice of the best gemstones and diamonds make this collection a perfect tribute to love, passion and class.

White Gold Opal RingLet your love do the talking by presenting this 14K White Gold Genuine Opal Heart Ring to your loved one. Boasting a beautifully carved heart in white gold and an Opal nestled between it, it is a perfect way to literally present your heart on the ring. The side accent diamonds enhance the beauty of the ring, making it a perfect wedding gift for your ‘someone special’.

Gold Opal RingIf you want to make a bolder impression, opt for the 14K Gold Opal Heart Ring. This yellow gold ring also boasts a heart face, with the Opal sitting on top of it. The side accent diamonds, like the one in the White Gold Opal Heart Ring, accentuate the beauty of the ring. This gold ring is an excellent choice particularly for those who believe that love is everlasting, as the priceless gold itself.

Gold Opal and Diamond RingAnother beautiful piece from our Opal Rings collection is the 14K Yellow Gold Opal and Diamond Heart Ring. This ring is crafted in yellow gold to give it an added touch of glowing elegance. The oval shaped Opal gemstone steals the show, carefully placed between two diamond accents, each placed in a heart shaped setting. The design itself is very unique, and beautifully combines the glow of the diamonds with the timeless beauty of the Opal.

The Apples of Gold Opal Rings collection is definitely one of the finest we have to offer. Whether you are looking for engagement rings, wedding rings or simply for something to present to your soul mate, Opal rings are the best way of proclaiming your timeless love.


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