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“Heart of Gold” Gold Heart Rings


Interlaced Celtic heart knot wedding ringOnce in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. ~ Unknown Author

When love is involved, there is no such thing as an ordinary life. Instead, it is peopled with knights in white armor and beautiful princesses. Days are filled with sunshine and at night the stars shine brighter than ever before. And when the beginning of “they lived happily ever after” starts, you know that your life will never be the same. So start it off with this fairy tale wedding band in solid 14k white gold with charming Celtic hearts intertwined to make pairs of hearts that are polished to a high shine that contrasts perfectly with the textured background of the band. A pair of brightly gleaming ridges edge the sides of the ring for a finished look that never grows old. This wedding band is also available in a variety of metal combinations, including titanium, yellow gold, and sterling silver. They are all part of our delightful collection of Heart Wedding Rings!


14k rose and yellow gold heart cross ringFor you see, each day I love you more today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. ~ Rosemonde Gerard

For the woman who loves God, faithfulness means everything. She will gladly give her heart to one who shows his faithfulness to both her and her God. If that’s you, then you might consider this exquisite hear-cross ring a gift for her birthday, to commemorate a special event, or just because you love her. The two symbols of love in this design represent perfect love, with a heart shaped from a rope of solid 14k yellow gold and a cross fashioned from pure rose gold. The intricate detailing on the cross resembles the swirling shapes of leaves and is edged with a tiny rope, echoing the design of the heart and the split band of this beautiful ring. Our collection of Gold Heart Rings has just the one to make her heart sing. Take a look!


women's 14k gold cross heart swirl ringBeing deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. ~ Lao Tzu

Swirls in fingerprints mean that a person is unpredictable, but creative and possess quick thinking and lots of natural talent. At least that’s what fingerprint experts say. But what we say is that anyone who wears this swirly ring has love in her heart that just can’t wait to be expressed. The graceful shape of the band resembles the shroud on the resurrection cross, indicating that Jesus is alive, risen from the tomb. The gold cross cut out of the heart shape on the top of the band is designed to allow lots of light to pass through, illuminating the heart and the cross motif that is a favorite among Christian women. As a gift for a loved one or purchased for yourself, this special ring will emphasize the love you have in your heart for your Savior. It’s part of our collection of Cross Rings that offer a wide variety of styles and metals.





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