Honor the Lord Jesus Christ with Mesmerizing Diamond Crosses 

The Lord Jesus Christ is adored by every genuine Christian throughout the world and His Word has spread to all corners of the world, making Christianity the most practiced religion of all time. We Thank God that we are saved by placing our faith on Him and believing that He died on the Cross, was buried, and resurrected after the third day. What better way to exemplify faith in the Lord but with the cross that symbolizes His perfect sacrifice, such as in Apples of Gold’s His Banner Over Me Was Love Diamond Cross Necklace in 14K White Gold.

He is the propitiation for our sins, and there is no other name under Heaven by which we can be saved. The Cross, reminder of this great deed, is the symbol of choice of the believers as it reminds them of what Jesus Christ has done for them! The reminder or symbol of such a great act should be equally magnificent and should stand out as the mark of purity.

Half Carat Diamond Cross Necklace

This half carat cross necklace is made bearing in mind the greatness of Jesus and the majesty of His sacrifice. He sacrificed out of the love for humanity thus a symbol needs to portray the greatness of that act.

This piece of jewelry is a great present for any believer as it is crafted with perfection. This necklace uses 16 diamonds which are carefully placed inside a 14k yellow gold cross. This gold diamond cross is made so that you can display your belief openly and declare your love for Jesus with this perfectly crafted cross necklace.



White Gold Diamond Cross Pendant

White is normally the color associated with purity and pitey. These attributes are few of the highest valued among the followers of Jesus. This White Gold Diamond Cross is a reminder of those attributes suitable for every true Christian believer who wants to strengthen his or her faith.

This pendant is made from 14K white gold and it serves as a reminder that there is no sacrifice or price too great in the path of Jesus as His sacrifice for mankind is far greater in magnitude. Any believer who buys this pendant will stand out in a crowd as a loving and strong Christian, who relies on Christ alone!

Filigree Diamond Cross Pendant

Filigree Diamond Cross Pendant, 14K White Gold

This pendant serves as a classic reminder of the great sacrifice of Jesus which he made for humanity. Jesus made that sacrifice to remind the believers that there is no greater good than the path of righteousness and that they should only serve that which is pure.

This Filigree diamond cross pendant which is made using 14k white gold serves to reflect the purity of that sacrifice; when you wear it the world can see the extent of your declaration of faith in Jesus’ work on the cross.


Black Diamond Cross Pendant

Black Diamond Cross Pendant, 0.90 Carats, 14K White Gold

Declare your love for Jesus with this Black Daimond Cross pendant. This unique pendant has a total of 17 black diamonds encrusted on the white gold surface which gives it a graceful look.






These diamond crosses are some of the beautiful diamond crosses that we, at Apples of Gold, maintain in our collection dedicated to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!




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