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Are You Passionately In Love? Show It with the Intensity of a Garnet

Garnets have been used as gemstones for quite some time now. There are number of different types which are essentially similar in their physical characteristics, however, all of them differ in their chemical properties.

There are some forms of garnet which change color according to the kind of light they are exposed to. These precious stones are used for many purposes including for making jewelry. The garnet gemstones are beautiful to look at and are unique in their color changing properties. This makes these stones even more desirable.

These gemstones are used to make beautiful jewelry and are enable its wearer to standout in a crowd. These require master work to be perfectly molded into jewelry. The various qualities of these gemstones, including its color makes it desirable. Women wear them to enhance their beauty and as a means to attract attention. Wearing these gemstones to any gathering would definitely get you in the spotlight.

Listed below are some pieces of art which are made from this gemstone , in order to give you an idea as to the marvel this stone is. Here are a few brilliant pieces of jewelry made using this gemstone.


Vintage Filigree Garnet Heart RingVintage Filigree Garnet Heart Ring

This ring is made to perfection in order to maintain the true essence of the stone. Look at this ring and imagine the look on the face of your loved one when you present this to her. The color of the stone represents the color of love and displays a sense of depth and majesty. The silver frame is made to perfectly complement the stone and its structure. The engraving gives it an antique look which serves to enhance the beauty of the Vintage Filigree Heart ring.

Garnet Heart Clover Pendant

The Garnet Heart clover pendant is as beautiful a piece as they make it. Any woman who sees this pendant would crave it. The pendant is made such that it suits every occasion and will make its wearer the topic of discussion at any social gathering. Its white gold frame gives it a look of magnificence matched by a few others. The white gold frame serves to bring out the color of the stone and makes the gemstones more prominent and visible. The pendant is the most beautiful way to show someone you love how much you care about them. The heart shape of the stones further symbolize the love you have for that special someone. All in all this is the perfect stone to give your loved one and make them feel special.

Garnet Heart Clover Pendant

These are few pieces of the Garnet jewelry collection prepared by Apples of Gold. These pieces are bound to give you an experience which you have never experienced with any other jewelry. We at have a large collection of garnet jewelry from which you can choose the one you desire to express your love.

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