How Gemstones Are Formed 

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Gem-quality minerals within rocks may be accessible at the earth’s surface or lie buried deep beneath it.

Igneous rocks come out of volcanoes as either lava or ashes. The slower the rock cools the bigger the crystal gets. Gemstones can form when elements like limestone, for example, has been subjected to immense pressure and high temperatures.

Many gemstones form into a kind of igneous rocks called pegmatite.

Metamorphic rocks are igneous rocks changed by heat and pressure from the earth make new rocks with minerals.

When this happens gemstones can grow inside them.

Sedimentary rocks are made by the rock fragments produced by weather.

Sedimentary rocks are usually laid down in layers.

The gemstones are then refined for jewelry. There are gemstones in the sea also, where seawater, for example, helps create amber gems (fossilized tree resin).

Other examples can include opals found in sedimentary rocks or the alluvial mining for sapphire gemstones.

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