Italian Crucifixes 

What makes Italian crucifixes unique and distinct from regular crucifix jewelry? Italy is known for making high-end, fine jewelry. But what exactly makes it different?

What Makes Italian Jewelry Different?

Jewelers mix various alloys in their jewelry pieces to achieve the desired result and the correct karat weight. When manufacturing gold jewelry, there are different mixing or balancing alloys that are used to create your favorite items, like Italian gold chains, rings, pendants, crosses or crucifixes.

When it comes to 14k gold, there are 14 parts solid gold and 10 parts of balancing or mixing alloys, most commonly copper for yellow gold or nickel for white gold.

Have you noticed that jewelry made in Italy has a slightly different gold hue than jewelry made in the U.S.A. or elsewhere? Italian crucifixes may sometimes have different proportions of underlying or balancing alloys mixed in than what we may use in America. This creates a slightly different gold hue.

Often, Italian jewelry is also hallmarked with 585 (meaning that your 14k gold is 58.5% pure), whereas American made jewelry is marked with the designation, 14k. 18K Italian crucifixes may either have the 18k hallmark or they may have the 750 designation (75% pure gold). They will also often, but no always, be stamped with the word, “Italy”.

Italian Crucifix Pendants

There are many Italian crucifix pendants to choose from, in a variety of styles and sizes. We have listed here some of our favorites and top picks from our fine jewelry line, including our best selling Italian 14K Two-Tone Gold Crucifix Pendant for Men, which features a solid yellow gold cross with white gold accent tips on the horizontal arms and the corpus of the Lord Jesus also in 14k white gold, creating a beautifully contrasted two-tone look that is classic and timeless. You can see the high quality design and manufacturing that goes into such a beautiful and high-end crucifix.

We have many styles to choose from in our Italian Crucifixes collection, all of which are guaranteed to be authentic 14k solid gold jewelry made in Italy by expert craftsmen and designers. We simply have not seen not only such high quality fine jewelry pieces, but with such high-end designs made for men and women.

Price of Italian Crucifixes

The price of Italian crucifix pendants may be more than what you will pay for American made jewelry, or jewelry made in various foreign nations. This is due in large part to export taxes and regulation fees for manufacturing and exporting gold jewelry from Italy to the United States and other regions. Whether you are purchasing Italian gold earrings or bracelets, expect to pay a slight premium.

The manufacturing process and balancing alloys mentioned above may also play a part in pricing your Italian jewelry. So expect to pay more for the same amount of gold in Italian bracelets or chains, for example, versus an American or foreign made one. This additional cost is well-worth the difference for many shoppers who love the quality and look of jewelry made in Italy, especially when it comes to a unique and spiritually and religiously meaningful item, such as an Italian crucifix pendant or necklace.

Apples of Gold Jewelry is continually expanding its line of fine jewelry, including its collection of Italian jewelry and gold crucifixes and crosses. With our 45-day return policy and free shipping in the U.S., try our jewelry risk free and see the quality and exceptional value for yourself!

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