Jewelry Made in Italy 

Gold Italian jewelry is one of the most coveted and sought after fine jewelry items in the world. What makes jewelry made in Italy so desirable compared to jewelry made in other parts of the world, even sometimes the United States?

While consumers in America are now often seeking American-made, which Apples of Gold Jewelry offers as the majority of its online jewelry offerings, there is still a very unique and special place for Italian gold, including Italian gold bracelets, earrings and pendants, when it comes to style and quality. Italy has been classically known to manufacturer and design the highest quality of style of jewelry in the world.

What Makes Italian Gold Different?

While gold is gold no matter where it’s made, and whether you are purchasing 14k or 18k American made or Italian made jewelry, such as gold Italian earrings, the purity of the precious metal is the same. However, in addition to the expert and world-renowned quality craftsmanship of gold jewelry made in Italy, Italian yellow gold often has a deeper, richer hue than jewelry made around the world. This is in part due also to the fact that European gold, in general, is more often 18k vs. 14k, which also has a deeper or richer color.

But a lot of this comes down to historical and consumer perceptions about Italian jewelry. Nowadays, we have seen a high level of quality from our American made jewelry as well as our Italian. But, in the end, the difference comes down to the manufacturing process and the quality of craftsmanship. Because of the “Italian gold” label, there is a certain expectation from Italian jewelers and manufacturers, with meticulous care being taken to produce what’s considered the world’s best fine jewelry.

Why is Italian Gold Jewelry More Expensive?

Part of the expense of jewelry made in Italy is not only the high craftsmanship, the meticulous process of manufacturing, but also the simple fact of import fees. Jewelry imported from other nations to the Untied States, will incur taxes that are figured into the price of the jewelry. There is also a higher labor cost often associated on the manufacturing and wholesale side which also gets calculated into the final price.

Hallmark and Stamping

Whereas American gold is normally stamped with 14k or 18k for the hallmark, proving its authenticity and purity, jewelry made in Italy contains the numerical purity of the gold, which is 583 for 14k and 750 for 18k. These numbers simply reflect the percentage of actual gold vs. other base metals and alloys. Since there are 14 parts of 24 in 14k gold, this works out to 58.3% purity or in 18k gold 75% purity. Italian jewelry should also be stamped with the country’s name, “Italy” somewhere on the jewelry itself to prove authenticity.

Whether you are purchasing Italian gold crosses, bracelets, chains, pendants, necklaces or earrings, having jewelry made in Italy in your collection is always a wonderful and special privilege and blessing.

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