How to Store Necklaces Without Tangling 

Necklaces are distinct from other types of jewelry. They’re long, thin, and prone to tangling when stored together, unlike earrings, bracelets, or rings. It is very inconvenient to detangle your jewelry, and sometimes seemingly impossible!

If you’re wondering how to store jewelry for everyday use or pack jewelry for a move, this article will explore and provide you with various tips to efficiently store delicate necklaces and chains in ways that they will not tangle and will also save you time. If you don’t have a jewelry box that has allowed space to hang your necklaces, try these simple tips to keep your silver and gold necklaces straight and tangle-free.

Hang Your Necklaces on Plastic Hangers

Hangers are a great way to keep your spectacular necklaces organized, whether more durable link chains or more delicate gold box chains. Wrap your chain over the bottom rings of the hanger, then put the necklaces away. This is a simple homemade example and you can even hang them in your closet on a shelf.

Store Necklaces Using Toilet Paper Rolls

After using the toilet paper, the roll you usually throw out can come in handy for jewelry storage. Unclasp a necklace, thread it through the roll, and then re-clasp it. The beauty of this approach is that it allows you to stack a lot of chains on a single roll, even heavier chains like gold curb chain necklaces. You can use straws the same way; however, they are only suitable for one necklace apiece.

Store Necklaces in Ziplock Bags

If you don’t have little jewelry baggies to place them in, packing your necklaces in a small ziplock bag is one method to keep them from tangling. When storing, we recommend placing the chain so that the clasp sticks just out of the bag where the ziplock closes, ensuring that your gold chain or necklace can’t tangle within itself. If the necklace is exceptionally delicate, such as a thin gold cable chain wrap it with tissue or toilet paper before putting it in. After that, put it in the bag, press out any excess air, and flatten it.

Keyholders Can Keep Necklaces from Tangling

By securing your necklaces with old key holders, you can keep them from tangling and finally get rid of that jewelry pile. You can also use the keys of your dressers to hang everyday necklaces. By doing so, you free up space and eliminate clutter and keep silver and gold chains from tangling.

Make Use of the Hobby Box

This is yet another DIY, homemade solution. Hobby boxes are fantastic for necklaces because the little compartments of a hobby box can segregate necklaces and prevent tangling. It also gives you many options to organize your gold chain necklaces and other precious items, almost like a makeshift or creative jewelry box.

Wrap Your Necklaces with Plastic Wrap to Keep Them Safe

Use plastic wrap to keep chains from tangling while being packed. Prepare a sheet large enough to cover a medium-sized bowl or small enough that the two ends reach beyond either side. Then fold up the plastic wrap and tie the ends together. Each necklace will be held in place by the grip of the plastic wrap.

These are just some DIY ideas you can try at home, even when it comes to delicate gold necklaces like gold ball chains, cable chains, and box chains which frequently tangle if not stored properly when storing necklaces or traveling with your precious jewelry!

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