Jewelry Gifts for Friends in Honor of Friendship Day 

Lifetime Friendship Heart Necklace in Sterling SilverDid you know that tomorrow is Friendship Day? Observed on the first Sunday of August, this is a day to celebrate the family you choose: your friends, both old and new. One meaningful way to do just that is with a gift of jewelry. Shop Apples of Gold’s selection of silver heart necklaces and gold lockets to find the perfect pieces for your closest pals.

My Best Friend Forever Heart Pendant

The Old Testament book of I Samuel provides a simple but profound description of the bond between friends when it describes the relationship of David and Jonathan: “the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.” This connection of two hearts and souls is beautifully and fittingly represented in the Lifetime Friendship Heart Necklace in Sterling Silver. This elegant piece intertwines a glittering heart with a shining infinity symbol, crafted from .925 sterling silver. It’s a lovely emblem of your lasting bond.

Paisley Scroll Locket in 14K Gold

The My Best Friend Forever Heart Pendant is another beautiful symbol of two hearts that are connected in friendship. This 1 5/16″ high .925 sterling silver piece places two gracefully curving hearts inside an oval-shaped frame and accents them with three dazzling stones. An 18” chain is included with this stylish and meaningful piece, making it an instantly wearable gift.

Gold lockets also make excellent gifts for friends, and the Paisley Scroll Locket in 14K Gold is a timeless pick with vintage flair, perfect for celebrating a long-treasured friendship. This 13/16″ round locket is a lovely accent for any day, and would make a particularly meaningful gift when you place a picture of you and your friend inside.

While any day is a good day to tell your friends how much you appreciate them, why not let them know this Friendship Day?

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