Mandarin Garnet and Diamond Cocktail Ring: Warm, Striking Beauty! 

Mandarin Garnet and Diamond Cocktail Ring in 14K White GoldApples of Gold just introduced a truly unique gemstone ring, one that features a rare and beautiful variety of a common semiprecious gemstone: the Mandarin garnet. This cocktail ring is a standout addition to our collection of garnet rings, and it’s one not to be missed!

The Mandarin Garnet and Diamond Cocktail Ring in 14K White Gold is a truly show-stopping piece as it showcases a gem with stunning, fiery sparkle. While the garnet is already known for its warm, saturated color, the Mandarin garnet takes this warmth up more than just a notch. Also known as the orange spessartite garnet, this gem has a vivid orange-red hue that sets it apart.

Although the garnet has been catching eyes for thousands of years, the Mandarin garnet wasn’t discovered until the early 1990s in Africa. Since that time, it’s been found in only a few small deposits, making it a gem that’s rare, as well as sought after for its out-of-the-ordinary beauty. And, since it’s not clear how long a reliable supply of the Mandarin garnet will be available, there’s no better time than the present to pick a ring that showcases this extraordinary stone.

The oval-shaped Mandarin garnet that stars in this eye-catching ring measures a full centimeter high and 8mm wide, making this a gem that stands out, not only for its striking color. This brilliant gem is accompanied by 34 small round diamonds (over a third carat in weight), creating a look with gorgeous contrast that fully flatters the stunning hue of the center gem. Two dozen of these colorless glittering stones surround the Mandarin garnet, while 10 adorn the slender 14K white gold band. With its standout stone, abundant sparkle and bold, timeless design, this is a garnet and diamond ring that’s absolutely exquisite.

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