Larimar Jewelry: Uncommon Gift Ideas 

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larimar-leaf-ring-silverEverything that is new or uncommon raises a pleasure in the imagination, because it fills the soul with an agreeable surprise, gratifies its curiosity, and gives it an idea of which it was not before possessed. ~ Joseph Addison

We are drawn to the uncommon, lured to the call of the exceptional and noteworthy, and this Marquise Larimar Leaf Ring in Sterling Silver definitely does that. It is said that Larimar, found only in the Dominican Republic, is the expression of the restful sea and sky. With the slightest white markings scattered throughout, you get the feeling that the sunlight is dancing on water. This lovely ring features five leaves cut from genuine Larimar gemstone and set in .925 sterling silver for a unique design that celebrates the outdoors. A gentle piece of jewelry, it will make a winning gift for someone you adore, and will become a favorite among her collection. Part of our beautiful assortment of Silver Gemstone Rings.


74097cExcellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way. ~ Booker T. Washington

This lovely Larimar gemstone heart came from the only place on earth where it can be found, on the Island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea. Often called a “dolphin stone” or the “atlantis stone,” its pacific blue color somewhat resembles the turquoise, although in a gentler, softer hue. This Larimar Heart Pendant in Sterling Silver is handcrafted to exacting specifications, with an ornate frame around the heart-shaped stone. Little, round cubic zirconia stones add sparkle and interest to the .925 sterling silver frame and contrast pleasingly with the blue stone. An elegant bale completes the look. We have many Silver Heart Necklaces for your consideration. See also our Antiqued Larimar Heart Pendant in Silver for another stylish gift idea!


real-larimar-heart-shaped-earringsHumanity hungers for the uncommon. ~ Michael Leunig

Although originally discovered in 1916, it wasn’t until 1974 that the beautiful Larimar stone was rediscovered on the beaches of Barahona. It was determined by geologists that larimar is a rare form of blue pectolite. Because there is no definitive answer as to how much of the rare stone is available in the mine, the future of the Larimar is presently uncertain. That fact makes these Real Larimar Heart Shaped Earrings in Silver even more intriguing and desirable. The back of the silver heart has a lacy cutout design that allows the sky-blue gemstone to peek through. Apples of Gold offers you a wide variety of Silver Heart Earrings, any of which would make wonderful gifts. Pair these earrings with our Silver Larimar Heart Ring for an uncommon present for any occasion.


larimar-flower-ring-sterling-silverPoetry is a mixture of common sense, which not all have, with an uncommon sense, which very few have. ~ John Masefield

A bit of poetry is what Apples of Gold has created with this Larimar Flower Ring in Sterling Silver! The large, marbled gemstone is shaped in an oval (14mm x 11mm) and set in a field of daisies that form the band and hold the gemstone in place. A cut-out design of generous proportions in crafted from .925 sterling silver. Larimar has been praised with the name “The Blue Stone of Atlantis” due to its rarity and beautiful color. It is also known as the stefilia’s stone. It is considered particularly pleasing as a gift for mothers or mothers-to-be. Of course, any lady would be delighted to receive this fascinating ring! Apples of Gold offers other Larimar rings, like this Heart-Shaped Larimar Ring in Sterling Silver, to add to her collection, all part of our array of Silver Unique Gemstone Rings.


round-larimar-stone-silver-twist-ringIt is not uncommon for angels to take corporeal form, to appear before us on earth as people with names and credentials. ~ Michael Paterniti

Your uncommon angel, the woman you adore, would prize this dainty Round Larimar Stone Silver Twist Ring as a token of your esteem. The twisted band of the ring and the crown-like setting are crafted from .925 sterling silver, a pleasing contrast to the Caribbean blue stone. The Larimar is the only pectolite mineral of its kind and gets its stunning blue color from copper inclusions. Other kinds of pectolite are soft and fragile, but the Larimar is tough enough to withstand carving and faceting. Your special angel will thrill at a gift of Larimar, particularly this sweet ring. Of course, you can always choose from our selection of Larimar Jewelry.


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