Silver and Turquoise Earrings: Fresh Designs for An Ancient Stone 

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mma-62346cTurquoise is perhaps the oldest stone in man’s history, the talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors.~ Unknown

This ancient stone looks as though it was carved from the sky, mottled with brown and cream as though the earth runs through it. Sacred to many civilizations, people thought that it brought luck and power to the wearer. The name derives from the French, pierre turquoise, meaning “Turkish stone.” These ornate Oval Turquoise Sterling Silver Filigree Earrings have the appearance of royalty, with their .925 sterling silver design enhanced by the oval gemstone. The opulent design is elegant in its shining splendor, and the smooth, blue-green stone is the perfect complement to the filigree composition. The earrings are 1-⅞” long including the graceful fishhook ear wires, which will keep them firmly in place yet allow movement that makes these beauties seem almost alive. Buy them for yourself, or give them to someone you admire. Apples of Gold Jewelry includes free shipping in the United States (and international shipping is available, too). These lovely pieces are a part of our collection of Silver and Gemstone Earrings.


mma-63378cDazzling turquoise eyes,

Windows to heavenly love,

Your love is heaven. ~ Earl Jane

Ancient lore credits the turquoise for bringing peace to the home. It is known as the “friendship stone.” This elegant yet earthy stone dangles from a sterling silver chain attached to a solid silver ear wire. As the stone is drilled through, it cannot fall out of its setting, so you have the peace of knowing that these earrings are long-lasting.

The combination of .925 sterling silver and the precious gemstone merge to make a chic statement of your style. Your earring collection is enhanced by this pair of drop earrings and your fashion sense is noticeable when you wear these. Suitable for any occasion, they go equally well with that little black dress or your favorite jeans. Swinging softly by your cheeks, you will feel like the world is your oyster when you wear these. Simple and elegant, they honestly just work. We have many other examples of drop earrings in our Silver Design Earrings collection.



65449cTurquoise, I smile, a nice green-y blue,

Oh how that colour reminds me of you. ~ The Last Wordsmith

How lovely are these unusual and rococo earrings that comprise three special gemstones that work together to form jewelry that speaks to your heart. Teardrop shaped turquoise first draws your eyes as they sit front and center in this lavish production. Filigree-like swirls surround the exceptional gemstones and tiny silver flowers provide a bit of whimsy. Blue topaz and marcasite stones accent these extraordinary jewels and give it even more sparkle. The simple fishhook ear wires add to the elegance of the piece without calling attention to themselves. Genuine turquoise, blue topaz and marcasite gemstones are a wonderful accompaniment to the .925 sterling silver. Take note of our Sterling Silver Turquoise Jewelry for more inspiration.


heart-shaped-turquoise-earrings-in-sterling-silverShe lived in a world of turquoise.

Her eyes were lined with blue.

Her thoughts,

they were like sunshine.

Laced with golden dew. ~ Make Love and Tea

Heart shapes are eternally popular in all kinds of jewelry, and these Heart Shaped Turquoise Earrings in Sterling Silver are a case in point. The smooth, Caribbean-colored stones radiate a cool glow and softly remind you of your beloved every time you wear them. The .925 sterling silver shapes that house the precious stones are polished and present a cut-out, lacy design on the back that allows the beautiful stone to show through. Lever-back ear wires support the pleasing earrings and ensure their security in your ears. Ideal for many occasions, both casual and more formal. We have a wide variety of Silver Heart Earrings for you to consider!


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