Love Knot Earrings: Symbols of Eternal Love 

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Thou sent’st me a true-love knot, but I Returned a ring of jimmals, to imply Thy love hath one knot, mine a triple tye. ~ Herrick

The true love knot comprises three complete rings, woven together to where they cannot be separated. Each knot represents one person: you, your lover, and your God. Eternity is spoken here! These lovely tri-colored earrings feature 14k gold in three flavors: white, yellow, and rose. Because all three colors are included, these little beauties coordinate with all the other jewelry in your wardrobe, and because of their wonderful design, they can go from casual to formal with ease. They are a comfortable size at 10mm and have standard push-back posts that will hold them securely in your ears. They are part of our larger collection of Love Knot Earrings from Apples of Gold!


Two souls with but a single thought, Two hearts that beat as one. ~ Anonymous

In ancient times, when Rome was the center of the world, brides wore a belt or girdle on their wedding. It was traditionally tied in a “hercules knot,” known today as a lover’s knot. Only the groom was given permission to untie it. The knot represented the binding character of the marriage oath. These gorgeous earrings are crafted from solid 14k yellow gold that resembles tiny beads, giving them a unique texture that makes them a little bit dressier than your regular earrings. Perfect for a night on the town, you’ll soon make these your favorite go-to earrings when you want to look fashionable. Their 9mm size keeps them from being ostentatious while still allowing them to speak a statement. See these and more in our collection of Gold Love Knot Earrings.


So to the priest their case they tell: He ties the knot. ~ Matthew Prior

The lover’s knot has a rich tradition. In Great Britain, in days gone by, ribbons with true-love knots were offered as bridal favors. They put these ribbons in their hats! In France, they were worn around the arms. Eventually, the multicolored ribbons were replaced with white ones. These lever back, love knot earrings in white gold are reminiscent of the white ribbons of long ago. The smooth and simple design measures 13mm x 8mm. Lovely to look at but exquisite to own, they would make a terrific gift for the woman you love! And we have more! See our complete collection of White Gold Love Knot Earrings for more inspiration!

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