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14K Gold Love Knot Earrings

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Love knot earrings may not be the boldest styles, but for those who wear them, they’re both meaningful and fashionable. Whether you’re looking for earrings to express your closeness with another person or a sophisticated pair that you’ll be able to wear year after year, don’t miss Apples of Gold’s selection of love knot earrings.

Styles that feature love knots are inspired by a type of Celtic knot, a centuries-old design that has been used in everything from illuminated manuscripts to architecture to (of course!) jewelry. While the original meanings of these motifs are up for debate, many people have adopted them as emblems of eternity. When you stop to consider the simple interlocking beauty of the love knot, it’s not hard to see why it has held meaning for many. Read more.

As the name suggests, the love knot represents a number of aspects of true love. A love knot has no beginning or end. Rather, it’s a continuous, unbroken design that’s a picture of the unending nature of selfless love. We when truly love another person, the way we care for them won’t change based upon the situation or with the passing of time.

Love knots, like many knot motifs, also serve as a picture of unity. Their intertwining designs bring the mind the intertwining of two lives so that they are inextricably bound together to create one gorgeous whole. They also celebrate unity. King David wrote, “how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” and love knot earrings demonstrate the beauty that results when multiple people join together as one.

Of course, aside from all they represent, love knot earrings also display a big dose of understated class. While these designs aren’t particularly showy, they can still make an outfit by adding a polished, pulled-together feel. Pairs featuring love knots are timeless, but never boring. They add interest without screaming as they gracefully twist in a continual curve that keeps the eye moving.

Love knot earrings are a thoughtful gift for any person whose life has intertwined with your own. In addition to symbolizing romantic relationships, they can serve as reminders of the bond between friends, sisters or anyone close to your heart.

Whether as a gift or as an addition to your own jewelry collection, love knot earrings are a timeless asset. Their interwoven designs are rich with meaning and style.

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