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Heart Earring

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Heart Earrings »

The symbol of the heart needs no explanation. Before we can read, most of us understand that the heart represents love and affection, and as we grow, our understanding of all that’s communicated through this simple emblem grows as well. Why not express your love—either for another person or simply your love of beautiful jewelry—through a pair of heart earrings from Read more.

Apples of Gold carries a number of heart earring that feature diamonds, both on their own and in combination with other gemstones. The long-lasting “forever” nature of the diamond makes it a fitting stone to express a love that doesn’t change depending on the situation. True love is unconditional, and these timeless gems communicate a love that will never wear away.

Heart-shaped gemstones in an array of colors provide a rainbow of options for expressing love that fills your life with color. Choose a garnet or ruby style to express your affection with the traditional color of love, a green emerald or peridot pair to communicate that your love is alive and growing or a one featuring a number of others gems to send a unique and meaningful message. Or, purchase a pair for yourself, whether to make a statement about a special relationship or simply to express your sense of style.

If you’re on a budget but still want to show someone special how much you care, Apples of Gold’s selection of sterling silver cross earrings has the answer! With prices starting at $39, these pairs combine beauty with economy, providing styles you’ll be proud to give or to wear that are both affordable and of a high quality. And, with both traditional and more artistic looks (such as dangling hammered hearts or those adorned with filigree) to choose from, you’re sure to find one that’s just perfect for you or a loved one.

Hearts crafted from white or yellow gold demonstrate the great value that your place on your love. Precious metals have long been a symbol of worth and of giving the best you can give, and this symbolism holds true in a number of styles. From playful heart-shaped hoops to heart earring that are part of a matching jewelry set, these pieces will be treasured for years to come.

Apples of Gold’s collection of heart earrings allows you to choose exactly how you want to express your love. Pick a pair to show you care.

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