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Monogrammed Earrings

Your own customized monogram earrings in gold or sterling silver, from Apples of Gold Jewelry!

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Traditional versus Contemporary Monogram Earrings

Today, millions of men and women around the world wear earrings. Whether for an informal or formal occasion, earrings make a statement. For instance, simple ball studs are ideal during the work week while elaborate dangling earrings look great for a fun night on the town. Bridging the gap between the distinct differences of traditional versus contemporary is monogram earrings. Read more.

Taking the Traditional Route

Although there is a long history of wearing of earrings, it was not until the Victorian era that monogram earrings became all the rage. Keep in mind that it was common for people from this era to monogram possessions such as silverware and mirrors but to publically boast position in society, it made perfect sense to wear monogram earrings.

If you appreciate more conventional things and are interested in buying traditional monogram earrings, look for designs where the first initial of your name is on the left, the last initial is in the middle, and the middle initial is to the right. It is also important to choose a design with the initial of your last name being larger than the other two letters. As far as font, there are many excellent options although most are italicized.

Choosing Modern Earrings

As mentioned, one of the great things about monogram earrings it that you can choose a traditional or contemporary design, or if preferred, both. For the more modern earring, formatting of the initials varies. Now, while several modern designs do follow the traditional outline of initials, there are significant differences. For instance, rather than plain lettering, some earrings feature small diamonds or other gemstones that follow the curvature of each letter.

There are also modern monogram earrings designed whereby the initials are embodied within a specific shape. As an example, your initials are beautifully set within a heart, oval, or circular shape. Some of the other options for modern monogram earrings include:

Different sizes

Varying metals to include silver, gold, titanium, and platinum

Unique metal fineness qualities

Post versus dangling style

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